Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Last night I finished off my first (Warlord) Japanese platoon.

 I think this guy might need to be redone- I didn't notice the flash lines were quite so...obvious lat night. I think i need to get some glasses!
Then today some reinforcements from The Assault Group arrived- the rest of my Japanese and 14th Army forces. Not only that but my Perry order (Stuart, Bren Carrier and an 8th army platoon) and also my 3x AirFix jungle outposts turned up too.

I think I am going to be busy!



  1. Great work, Craig - very impressive! I know what you mean about the flash lines; you think they're all cleaned up and then, once painted/primed - they pop right back up! :S

    1. A right royal pain they are Monty! I've been meaning to get my eyesight tested for a while now (wrong side of 45 they aren't the same as thy were) and maybe I should get on to it to pick up such errors a bit easier :)

  2. Japs are looking great Craig. I like the reinforcements too!

  3. It's all Ogilve VC's fault- those Airfix jungle outposts looked too damn tempting in is battle report!