Thursday, January 30, 2020


I've finished off my last few Reaper Bones Bugbears and now have a 36 point force for Dragon Rampant.

4x Bugbears (Bellicose foot)
1x Ettins (Greater Warbeasts)
2x Wargs (Lesser Warbeasts)

Maybe slightly one dimensional but I'm looking forward to giving them a run soon vs my Oathmark Dwarves.


Monday, January 20, 2020

All quiet on the gaming front

Well, not a whole lot to report on the gaming front from the last few weeks. I did a wee bit of painting over the Christmas holidays while down at my bach- a few bugbears for my Dragon Rampant bugbear force, some animals for D&D games and started a few Galadhrim elves for another LoTR Dragon Rampant project- I’ve had few elves lying around but not really enough for a force yet.

Really though, have had little time or inclination for gaming. My weekly D&D game is really the only gaming related stuff I have been doing of late although I did pop round and catch up with my old gaming buddy Kent who is in the middle of packing. He is moving up to Christchurch to study and be closer to his kids so there may be even less gaming on the horizon for me this year. I do think I will try to head up to Christchurch once he is settled and maybe try to get some gaming organised with him, Martin and Ian. Maybe a Dragon Ramapnt day, we will see.

In the meantime I will endeavour to work up some energy to get my butt into gear and get some gaming stuff under way…soon.