Sunday, March 28, 2021



 The past couple of weeks when I've had a bit of spare time I’ve been chipping way at a rebasing project, rebasing a few units of Anglo-Danes and adding a few more troops. I’ve one stand to do (at present) and then onto the next project, whatever that may be.

The figures are a real mix but mainly: Gripping Beast Dark Ages Warriors plastics, Victrix plastic Vikings, Gripping Beast plastic Saxon thegns, Gripping Beast metals and also a few others.

And finally  few homemmade movement trays, made out of cardboard, blasa and basing sand.


Monday, March 8, 2021

KoW- Kingdom of Men vs Dwarves

 Yesterday I had a game of Kings of War vs Gordon down in Oamaru, they have  a small group gamers starting out. I took a pretty generic Easterlings (aka Kingdoms of Men) list and Gordon ran some nasty dwarves.

I’d like to say it was a stunning victory for the followers of Sauron but alas, truth be told they got a shellacking, and by turn 5 the Kingdoms of Men had been decimated so the survivors limped off table to lick their wounds.  The only brightspot on the horizon being that they’d taken out a unit of mastiffs. The Dwarven rangers and other shooting troops decimated my units of bows and then proceeded to chew up my infantry regiments.

My list turned out to be a tad underwhelming- lots of regular troops and a smattering cavalry (knights) units and a monster. I kind of planned to pivot round a unit (horde) of spear troops and made the mistake of trying to play too defensively vs an army that seriously outshot me. Lesson learned!

I think next time I might try and run a 2e historical list—at least they get skirmishers- and see how they go.

Still, it was nice to get out roll some dice. I’m down in Oamaru almost every weekend now and so look forward to more games in vs Gavin, Gordon and Josh.

As for the rules, getting a drubbing probably didn’t help my cause, but don’t see them replacing Dragon Rampant as my preferred system- no skirmishers, no cavalry counter charges vs foot, it is definitely a game in the GW mould and nothing wrong with that just a tad too high fantasy for me and I prefer a bit more low fantasy where it is all about the rank and file troops if that makes sense? Still the game is fast and turns fly by and that is a good thing. I can’t really comment on the rules themselves as I didn’t really look at them at all, which again is probably a good thing. Nothing really stood out as a hmmm, really? Except maybe units being able to disengage from combat and charge back in, seems a tad weird to me. Once a unit is engaged it should remain engaged till it or its opponent breaks.

A couple of shots of the game


Monday, March 1, 2021

Getting ready for a game...

Not much to report on the gaming fornt in the ppast few months. I bought an old amper an and hae spent the summer getting out and about in the lower half of the South Island, then I got a virus in my eye and was off work for three weeks as I was unable to see out of it and even now after 5 weeks my eyesight hasn't fully returned but is slowly getting a bit better each day. So even if I'd wanted to there was no way i culd have done any painting or gaming related for quite a while. 

So, I've not really done anything gaming related for  quite a while although I have been joining in some role-playing games wth a group of gamers in Oamaru. three of them are playing a bit of Kings of War on Sunday's and so since I am staying down there most weekends have decided to join them so have  organised a force for a game this wekend using my Easterlings. I've not played 3rd edition but enjoyed the few games I had of 2e so am looking forward to a game and will use the Kingdoms of Men lstss to build my army. 

So last night I rebased a few light cavalry to complete my army.  

The rest of the force assembled. 

So hopefully next week I'll have a few photos and maybe a report of the game.