Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dux Bellorum- Welsh Completed

Some reinforcements from Gripping Beast arrived the other day so I have been able to complete the last couple of stands for my Welsh, some support from on high (Monks) and a second stand of cavalry.

All the figures, like the rest of the army actually, are from Gripping Beast.

Like the rest of the army I've tried to keep a "red" theme with the shield designs-a gain thanks to LMBS.

The Welsh horde assembled. Looking at this photo, I think I've some work to do on the flag, changing the green and blue tails to maroon to better fir the theme.

All up there are:
1x Noble Companions
1x Mounted (or Ordinary) Riders/Cav
1x mounted skirmishers
5x Warriors (including one of nobles or foot companions)
1x Skirmishers (bow)
1x Monks

The warriors.


Thursday, October 8, 2015

More Goths

Tonight I finished the Goth command stand for the Ostrogoth command for the Chalon game. Most of the figures are Footsore Miniatures but two are plastic GB plastic Saxons. As per usual the shields are LBMS.

And the rest of the Ostrogoths.

Next up, a stand of Welsh Cavalry and some monks to finish off my Welsh Army for Dux Bellorum.

Alas, then I'll be taking a bit of a break, I've some renovations on a rental property that will keep me busy in the evenings after work for the next week or three :(

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


A fun weekend away playingg footy at the Masters, six games over 3 days wasn't fun though- I
could hardly move by the time we had our last game on Sunday but got through it injury free which is a bonus.

I have just finished a base of Goth infantry for Dux Bellorum/ Impetvs. The figures are a mix of Footsore Miniatures and plastic Gripping Beast Dark Age warriors and LBMS transfers. I was pleased with the Gripping Beast plastics, good detail and easy to put together.