Thursday, April 10, 2014

More Germans

So my 1000pt German force for the Italian campaign is now finished.

2x Regular Heer squads (LMG
1x Vet Heer squad (LMG)
1x Sniper
1x MMG
1x 81mm Mortar
1x 37mm Flak
1x kettenkrad
1x 233 Armoured car
1x Stug

 The stug. Actually I ordered a StuH but this is certainly not a StuH!  I'm  not sure with the green ochre will try to lighten it with more Iraqi sand.

 The sniper team which, along with the stug, was done last night. 
 The 233 also got another highlight/drybrush with Green ochre.

So now both the Kiwis and the Germans in Italy are ready for action.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Some German reinforcements

A couple of vehicles to support my Germans in Sicily/Italy were done tonight.

A 233 armoured car.

 The 233 is one of my favourite German armoured cars. I've them in a couple of FoW forces but struggle to get them into many FoW lists. They don't benefit from the recce rules in FoW and being lightly armoured have to be used carefully. In BA though they should prove to be far more durable- having a light howitzer (1d6 HE) main gun as well as benefitting from the recce rules should prove a handful and so be a useful close support artillery vehicle.

I've decided to give my forces for Italy/Sicily (and also Tunisia) a basic dunkelgelb colour scheme of vallejo green ochre, dark tone wash then light dry brushes of green ochre and the Iraqi sand to pick out the details. Simple but effective.

The other thing I've added to my force is the very cool motorcycle/halftrack combo of the kettenkrad. How cool is that for an armoured vehicle? It will be used to tow my flak AA around. Once again a very nice Warlord games model.


 And the guns- the 3.7cm flak and the 75mm infantry gun. 

 I'm interested to see how a force supported by the 233 armoured car, a 105mm stuh, the infantry gun and 81mm mortar fares- it has the potential to throw out a lot of hits/ pins each turn.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kiwi Sherman completed

Tonight I drybrushed the Kiwi Sherman to finish it off. It still needs transfers but it is fine for gaming

I also painted up some stone walls that I had been meaning to do for quite a while.

 Finally tonight I rebased my German DAK/ Med theatre  LMG teams on round bases so make them easier to identify on the table top from regular teams.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

BA 1000pts: Kiwis vs SS

We upped the ante to 1000pts tonight- to field the stug and sherman.

My Kiwis (regulars ) ran:
1st Lt
3x 9 man sections with brens
carrier (tow)
6 pdr

Kent and Nigel ran:
2x Waffen SS (Vets with tough fighter)
1x Vet infantry
1x MMG
1x mortar
1x 75mm infantry gun
1x 222 armoured car
1x stug

We rolled max attrition.

Turn 1- the 6 pdr deploys
 Two sections advance towards the village
 The Germans also run for the buildings- while the shermans and stug miss each other.
 The Sherman manouvres into position.
  The 6 pr is taken out by a few rifle shots- without having fired. Typical, newly painted first to die!
 Pee-a-boo. The staghound lines up the stug but the shot glances off its front armour.
 Alas the stug hits the Sherman but it fails to brew up.
 Where did all the infantry go? Into the buildings of course.

 On the far right flank (funny that given the subject matter) the SS advance on my mortar.
 Only to run into my flank attack. I pinned them and got the jump on the first dice in the next turn and the "tough" SS were wiped out.
 The staghound again hits but fails to do any damage to the stug.
 My mortar manage to damage the 75mm infantry gun while the MMG has been knocked out by my sniper (as has the German sniper).
 The two red dice indicate where two of my sections are holed up and pinned. The other building holds a SS squad and the SS commander.
 The stug takes a crack at the staghound which reverses out of harms way- only to be pinned by the 222s autocannon.With pins mounting the crew refuse to follow orders in the next two turns.
 The 222 continues to hold us up- shrugging off pins. 
 My Lt (crewing the carrier) advances up the road.
 The stug continues to snipe at the staghound while my infantry in the closest building get repeatedly pinned.
 The 222 knocks out the carrier and kills my platoon commander. 
The staghound does last much longer.

Result:  A win 7-5 to the Axis. Until the last couple of tuns I thought I had it but Nigel and Kent managed to pick off 3-4 units to take the win. The extra points didn't slow the game down and it was fun having 2-3 tan recce and AT units. Adding tough to the SS wasn't a gamer breaker by any stretch but luckily I got the assaults off first :)