Thursday, October 26, 2023

Scatter Terrain

 I've been playing a few solo games of Warmaster on my arid themed table over the past few days as I try to get more familiar with the rules. I felt that I needed a bit more scatter terrain- scrub and rough going- to give a bit more variety to the table. I've not made any terrain in quite along time but I'm on holdiay this week so today between other tasks around the house managed to build some suitable terrain to add more interest to the table. 

Over the years I've tried many types of terrain, from dedicated terrain boards to various types of scatter terrain but feel that scatter terrain makes the most versatile table top terrain. 

Rock outcroppings

These are simple to make and look good on table. I make a base out of 5mm MDF using a jigsaw to cut the basic outline. I then file the edges of the MDF base with a wood rasp to make it slightly more rounded. 

I then find some suitable bits of barkchip from the winter wood pile and then glue it on to the MDF base with PVA. 

Once the PA is dry I use some permafilla to texture the base.

Once the permafilla is dry I then paint the barkchip with slightly watered down PVA. PVA shrinks when it dries and this creates a firm skin on the barkchip which prevents it from chipping. 

I then paint the base using a base clour plus plus 1-2 highlight colours.

Finally, I put some dabs of PVA glue and sprinkle on catlitter to represent rock falls .

Once the cat litter is dry I again paint a layer of watered down PVA over it to make it more solid- again the PVA shrinks when it dries creating a solid protective layer. 

And that it is, done. 

Well, almost. I need to add some bits of Woodlands Scenics clump foliage to add a bit more interest/contrast which is a wee job for tomorrow. 

And a few bases for the scatter terrain using the same techniques.  


Monday, October 23, 2023

Warmaster Chaos + Battle report

 A busyt week getting the Chaos army ready for battle. I've still a few more units to paint but can field at least 1500 points now

So, wiht that in mind, yeterday I decided to ahve a solo game of High Elves vs Chaos. The way the commnad rules work in Warmaster lends itself nicely for solo gaming so dug out some of my 15mm terrain for a practice game to get better at the rules. 

The game played well and worked as expected and will defintitely do some more solo games in future. 


Thursday, October 19, 2023

Warmaster Chaos Army- WIP

 I popped down to Dunedin for my first game of Warmaster last weekend, vs Jonathan and his Tomb Kings.  A battle report can be found here: Warmaster High Elves vs Tomb kings

I enjoyed the command and control aspect of the rules and the uncertainty that that created and although the game took a while as we were both relearning the rules it was a lot of fun and I look forward to a few more games in the near future with the Dunedin gamers. 

I wanted a second (well and a third eventually) army to do some solo-gaming and as a pair should anyone want a game in future, so had a 2000+ point Chaos Army printed up for me by one of the Dunedin gamers and picked it up while in town. 

So this week I've got started on my Warriors from the Steppe, Chaos Warrior army.  Once again the sculpts are the awesome Forest Dragon 3d prints, the quality of which continues to blow me away. I can not recommend them highly enough. 

4 units of Chaos Marauders- Solid infantry which will form the core of the army either brigaded by themselves or combined with Chaos Warriors units for a bit more staying power.

Chaos Chariots. I've just painted these this morning and again the sculpts are incredible. They will become the backbone of the army and intend to paint up another 5 units worth! I've just done the basecoat on the base so yet to add the other bits and pieces to tie them in with the other units.

2 units of Ogres. Again great sculpts. I forgot to get some Chaos Warrriors printed so until I rectify that they will be used as Chaos Warriors.
The army so far assembles. 

I've another unit of chariots and  2 units of marauder horsemen and I should amost be ready for a game with them. I am aiming to get 1200 points table ready and then built the army towards 2000 points from there. 


Wednesday, October 4, 2023

More high elves

 A few more pictures of the 10mm high elves for Warmaster.

I completed another two regiments of Silver Helms today.