Wednesday, July 17, 2013

ACW Black Powder

Tonight we had a fun game of Black Powder. Both sides had 12 regiments + 3 batteries of artillery, organised into three brigades.Each side deployed two brigades and kept one reserve brigade that came on randomly (when Stephen turned up).

Kent's union force deploys.
 The rebels (vets) advance on our left flank.
 In the centre we occupy an important wheatfield which dominates the battlefield.
 The union forces advance on the wheatfield- on our far right flank my regiment attacking the building is destroyed, leaving our flank wide open.
 On the left Kent sends his brigade forward and fierce hand to hand fighting develops.
 The two lines close in the centre.
 The rebels drive back the union brigade smashing it and leaving Kent's flank wide open!
 Alas our own right flank the same thing has happened. Stephen had jsut thrown two reserve regiments into the assault but both were broken!
 Our flank is now wide open and Kent moves quickly to exploit the advantage- enfilading our troops.
 This isn't looking good!
 My brigade tries to wheel and catch Kent's centre brigade- we are both just above our break points.
Kent concentrated fire on the regiment in the centre of the photo, and does enough damage to it to break the brigade handing him the win. Close, very close.

A brutal, bloody and quick game. We were pretty rusty with the rules but it flowed quickly and we went with the flow whenever possible. The game took less than two hours- I'm happy with that and we all enjoyed the  way it played.

I think next week Stephen is keen to try out his new Prussian army...


  1. Maybe next time mate!!! Great looking game just the same!

  2. It was close but my luck with the dice seems to desert me vs Kent

    There is always next week though

  3. Some very nice looking troops Craig, sometimes the dice gods just don't play fair!!

  4. Thanks Ray- I seem to be the butt of all their jokes of late :)

  5. Great Stuff - just bought the rules, when you say each side has 12 regiments - does that mean 12 units per side??? I an having some troube with the basing/ troop rules:-)