Sunday, October 23, 2016

The times they are a changin...

Hi guys, just a quick update. Absolutely nothing to report on the gaming front in the past few months unfortunately. I just ran out of motivation and been busy doing other things. I will try to gt back into gaming at some point but other things have taken priority all winter.

The bach reno is now finished and am happy with the way it turned out so spending as much time as I can down there but still plenty of work to do landscaping etc.

Other area of change for me at present is work. At the start of the year the polytech I work for  merged with our larger northern neighbour to create a new entity and we inherited most of their structures. I decided to give the organisation a year to see whether or not it is somewhere I'd like to work for long term- the need to pay for the reno may have also influenced my decision to stay for the year a wee bit too as Julie would never let me go ahead with that if I didn't have a job. Anyway, I've given it a year but decided the organisation is not somewhere I see myself working in future so handed in my resignation last week- too many things frustrate me about the way we now have to do things. I have to give two months notice so will end at Christmas. Not easy to walk away from a good income in a small town but I've always believed that once you are only turning up for the wage it is time to move on and so I am- life's too short to get stuck doing something you don't enjoy and I've lost my passion for what I was doing.

I've no job lined up but looking into a few options and intend to take the summer off to figure out what to do next. I was planing on cutting back to working part time at the end of the year anyway and so hopefully I can find something part time. I am unsure whether or not to continue in the education sector, start a little business or maybe just focus on my rental properties a bit more. I am also planning on going back to uni to do some business papers in property management. So with all this going on am unlikely to get much done on the gaming front in the forseeable future. But we will see.

Good gaming guys