Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Black Powder Napoleonics

Kent and stephen popped orund for a quick game of Black Powder Napoleonics, using Stephen's new Prussians (3x regular, 2x landwehr, lancers + dragoons?) & a Russian brigade (4x regulars, 1x jagers)

vs Kents 10x regular French, dragoons & lancers.

Lighting in the new room is still a WIP- haven't seen the electrician in a week so I jury rigged some lighting. Hopefully I will get the lights wired up soon. 

The French deploy
 My Russian brigade deploys.
 Stephen's Prussian command
 My infantry advance on the far right flank.
 And in the distance the Prussians advance.
 Kent advances and in the next turn we charge a battalion of infantry.
 On the right the two armies close.
 Each sends in some cavalry support.
 Stephen manages to destroy a French battalion.

 One of Kent's infantry battalion forms square and somehow survives two rounds of assaults, which allows his lancers to charge home routing the Prussian battalion. The French Cavalry then does  a sweeping advance into the Prussian lancers (bottom left of shot) destroying them!

At this point Kent had to go- the battle was definitely in the balance. The French infantry brigade in front of Stephen has just been broken but both our commands were the worse for wear, another turn and it could have gone the other way but we will claim a hard fought minor victory.

Our first Napoleonic game since Borodino last year, was lots of fun and hope to have  a rematch next week and fight to a conclusion.


  1. Lots of lovely minis! Hope to be doing some Nap gaming myself, soon. Cheers, Simon

    1. Its always a pleasure to face Kent's armies- his new cav are outstanding.

  2. Very nice looking game and interesting AAR !

    Best regards Michael

    1. Would have been interesting if we'd had time for another turn or two- still we played for a little over an hour and had an enjoyable game