Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DBA II/11 Gauls

Kent swapped a bucket load of 10mm old Glory Napoleonics for these- I really don't enjoy painting 10mm figures. I think these Gauls maybe Renegade, the weapons are friggin huge! More GWish than historic, but they'll do as the start of the Carthaginian army.

A comparison with Warlord Games Plastics Celts.

And with Wargames Factory Germans

15mm East Front Buildings

I bought these from Peter Pig 7-8 years ago and finally got round to painting them up last night- I thought we might need them this weekend

Monday, February 22, 2010

FoW River Assault

We playtested the River Assault mission tonight in preparation for this weekends Day of Days. Kent used a German panzer grenadier company vs the cossacks with attached JS IIs and Sturmoviks (Firestorm supports)

2x PG Platoons
HMG platoon
3x panthers
2x Firestorm Tigers

The Soviets deploy.

The defences looked a bit thin- 2x tigers (one was knocked out in the preliminary bombardment) 7 MG teams + 4x attached HMGs (of which one was destroyed in the bombardment). Being sensible Kent decided not to defend the river bank but held hid forces further back.

Turn1- the infiltrating Soviets make it to the first minefield.The Soviets infiltrated a dismounted cossack platoon with sappers and Zis 2s attached, giving the Germans the first turn.

The tiger bailed but quickly remounted and had a slugging match with the JS iis but managed to miss or if it did hit fail to destroy the target. The HMGs concentratred on the cossack infantry and slowly but surely whittled them down.

Bunker buster ahoy! It ended up a bit of a slogging match. The SU 152s took out a bunker but then the panthers appeared and the SUs were quickly dispatched.

Now we are in trouble!

The JS IIs breakthough the wire. Unfortunately those cossacks behind them were about to fail a morale test taking the attached Zis 2s with them! The surviving SU 152 also retreated off the table. 2 platoons down and we are stalled at the wire!

It wasn't all plain sailing though. A JS II knocked out a panther at long range and the Red Airforce bailed another (which failed to remount) the following turn another airstrike resulted in a second bailed panther and the morale test die was a 1. Bye bye panthers! This changes things.

A bit blurry but the following round the final tiger fell to the 3 JS IIs.

So now I simply had to crush a PG platoon and drive them off an objective- easy. WRONG.
At this time it was almost dark (literally!) so I started to sneak the scouts across the river thinking their eyes and ears would apply- wrong. They were massacred (no concealment and 5+ infantry saves). Suddenly the Soviets were down 3 platoons and failed a company morale test!
Ah well, so close and yet so far!

A bit more cover is needed for the attacker across the river but we both had our chances. Like most LW games it was a bit of a crap shoot (we both much prefer MW) but the dice finally fell the Soviets way. Made for a fun game but like most FoW fortification missions it pays not to defend too far forward- more time to shoot and easier for reserves to reinforce the line.

Next time the Zis 2s will not be attached to the infiltrating platoon, that was a bit silly!

Good win Kent until next time...


Fow Cossacks

Here is part of my Cossack force. The cossacks are one of the more enjoyable forces for FoW that I field. Have yet to start using them under their revised lists, but enjoyed the MW Cossacks despite the limitations of their old organisational structure (pre East Front), now I am really looking forward to trying the Mid War version out soon.

This is the Late War force I organised for Day of Days for a mate but he can no longer make it. I hope to get a game vs Kent in tonight using them though).

The only downside with them is you need mounted and dismounted versions of most units, which makes taking them to comp is a real pain in the butt, if travelling.

The 1200 pt Day of Days list is:

HQ- incl commissar 35
4x Mounted Sappers 90
9x Mounted Cossacks 195
13x Dismounted Cossacks 235
3x HMGs (Dismounted Cossacks) 75
3x Mounted Scouts 110
4x Zis 2 185
3x SU 152 275


Commanders- mounted and dismounted.

4x Pioneers- again mounted and dismounted.

Mounted Cossacks, again with the dismoutned opion behind them.

Dismounted Cossacks- with 3x attached HMGs for extra support

4x Zis 2 AT Guns

3x Scouts- mounted and dismounted. These guys will play a pivotal role with their infiltrate ability.

Not sure how but the SUs managed to avoid the photo shoot.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Days of Days 2010- Update

I have the first four tables set up for next weekend's day of Days FoW Firestorm Bagration Campaign weekend.

There will be 7 tables in total including three specialised tables:

Not One Step Back
Breakthrough Assault
River Assault

Here are the tables so far:

1) The Road to Minsk

Heavily wooded hills, narrow valleys.

2) River Assault

A river, minefields, barbed wire, bunkers! Using the River Assault Mission from the Firestorm Campaign book.

3) Festung Plaza

For if we need a city fight for a Not One Step Back game.

4) Breakthrough Assault

From Stalin's Onslaught: We've used this one quite a bit at South Island Comps in the past year and it has made for some very close games.

I've one more table to make- rolling hills, wheatfields and farms- more tank friendly but still some cover for infantry.

Dale and Kent will be supplying the last couple of tables.

Should be a good weekend, I'm looking forward to it.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DBA- Games at last

I managed 3 games of DBA at the club tonight- 3 wins!

All games were played Norse-Irish vs Pre-Feudal Scots.

Game 1: Pre-Feudal Scots (me) vs Norse-Irish (Stephen) 4-3
Game 2: Norse-Irish (me) vs Pre-Feudal Scots (Stephen) 4-2
Game 3: Norse-Irish (me) vs Pre-Feudal Scots (Lewis) 4-1

It was also the start of our DBA ladder with 9-10 players registered. I have started ranked 6th. Onwards and upwards I say. Game 3 I beat the top ranked player (Young Lewis) who's dice usually hate me and run hot, but not tonight!

Game1 :

Irish on the left, Scots on the right. For some reason Stephen deployed his general in the middle of the woods and spent most of the game rolling 1s for pip dice!

Scottish spear advance towards the woods and then spent the rest of the game glaring at the Auxilia in the woods- the Scottish warband and Psiloi tangled with the Norse-Irish blades and psiloi at the top of the picture.

The carnage in the marshes- got to the point where the next element lost lost the game. Somehow I managed to lose all 3 warband vs the blades!

The confused fighting continues.

And yes, that is the Scottish general retreating (fleeing!)

A few turns later there wasn't much left!

Game 3: Vs Lewis

The lines advance.

The most amusing first contact I've seen in a long time. There were four combats and all resulted in a dead element! It all started when a Norse-Irish blade got taken out by a warband (6-8- I rolled 1, he rolled 5) and then 3 Spears which had charged into the woods vs the auxilia all got doubled and destroyed (down to 2s, then 1s), from there it was a matter of mopping up the survivors!

Well, okay it wasn't that easy. The warband kept driving my auxilia back and the surrounded warband in the centre stayed in combat- but luckily fell the next turn.

I really, really liked the way the Norse-Irish play. Before hand I had written them off as an amusing force but not one that was likely to be competitive, but was proved wrong. Definitely an army that needs terrain to help out but fun to play!


Other stuff I did last night

3x SU 152s- I thought that the Soviets might need some reinforcements. I am really happy with the highlighting, a new colour I started using on my MW Rota Razvedki last year- Vallejo Green-Grey.

2x Jagdpanthers. These had been undercoarted so it was a matter of simply washing, drybrushing on the original colour and them the camoflage and finally drybrushing the highlight over the top- fast yet effective.

4x panzerjager IV- I think they are much cooler looking than stugs!

Day of Days 2010- Panzer Grenadiers

The panzer grenadier force I'm thinking of taking to Day of Days next weekend.

3x Pak 40s

2x Panzer grenadier platoons

4x Marder IIs- seem to be underrated around here but mine have racked up a very impressive number of kills.

A heavy platoon of 2x 81mm mortars and a Heavy Infantry Gun battery of Grille's- the main reason to take the force as far as I'm concerned!

DBA III/19 Welsh

Not quite finished yet but the 5x stands of Warband/Spears and 2 Psiloi (+a hanger on)

Can combine these guys with the Pre-Feudal Scots to make a Welsh army until I get the last few figures (including Cav for the general)

Most figures are Old Glory Welsh but a few Crusader Irish have been added (such as the command figures) for variety. Don't like the Welsh as much as the Scots figures by OG- there is one pose which I hated so have not included, but painted up they looked better than I thought they were going to.