Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gaming Room Update

More work on the gaming room- electrics are done and I'm working on the gib and finishing off the windows (more to be done this afternoon) but at last it is a useable space.

So we have gone from this...

 To this.

 Balloons are a left over from my daughter's 14th birthday the other week so it will be a family utility/gaming room- that way it keeps SHMBO happy.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

28mm Napoleonic Russian Cossacks

The Wellington gamers are putting on their epic Leipzig refight next weekend. Dave, Stephen and Kent are all heading up for the gaming but alas I will have to miss it. I will be in Wellington for a couple of days with the family from the Sunday afternoon. Finn has made the rep team for 12th grade soccer and his the South Island comp is in Blenheim at the top of the South Island so we are driving up and thought we'd take the kids over to Wellington on the ferry as they've never been to the North Island for a few days and visit Te Papa (NZ's national museum) and catch up with their cousins. It should be a good trip but unfortunately I won't be there in time to see the Leipzig game

 John needed a few more cossacks painted so over the past couple of nights I've painted up 4 more stands for him which will be heading up with the guys. The figures are all Front Rank.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More Buildings

I received some of the new Debris of War 28mm walls so used some to finish off a couple of my HO scale buildings and am very happy with the results. The buildings are from Armourfast and Italeri the creepers are Woodlands Scenic's clump foliage.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

More Bolt Action

An 8 man section of Early War Germans. The figures are some of the new Warlord Games Early War German box set. They are a bit of pain to put together but once done look good so made the effort worthwhile.

I also got Finn a box of Soviets. We put half a dozen of them together, he struggled a bit as they are (like the Germans) quite fiddly and he'd never built any plastic models before but we got there. Once we'd finished he painted this one up to get the project started: block colours followed by an Army Painter Dark Tone wash- the result looks great. I just wish we had army painter when I was making models at his age!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

28mm AT Guns

At last my armies have some AT support.

A 37mm AT gun for the Japanese

  And a 2pdr for the 8th Army.

Both are from Brigade games.

I've just received today a 40mm Bofors AA gun from Warlord Games which will join the Forgotten 14th force.


Monday, September 9, 2013

8th Army Platoon completed

My Perry plastics are done.

HQ, NCO, radio operator
2" mortar
Boyes AT rifle
3x sections each of: SMG armed NCO, 8x riflemen &  bren gunner

The command stands and a radio operator.
 The platoon arrayed for battle.
 The new Perry 3" mortar and Vickers MMG. Very nice sculpts- highly recommended. The weapons come with 4 man crews so I converted one to a medic and another will be my artillery observer.

 Boyes anti-tank rifle and 2" mortar.
  A Blitzkrieg Miniatures Valentine tank. The Valentine is one of my favourite desert era tanks- a 2pdr gun with no HE capabilities as an infantry support tank? What were the British thinking?

The Blitzkrieg Valentine is a truly excellent model, a beautiful cast, go out and get one they are that good!
 The commander is another Perry metal- covered up to keep the dust out.
 The infantry advance.

I need a 4th infantry section to finish these guys off. I will also use them for Burma 1942 games.


Saturday, September 7, 2013


More work in progress, a few buildings.

 I've based up a Italeri farmhouse.

 And painted the first of the Armourfast farmhouses. It still needs to be based yet.

And am experimenting with using coconut matting (used for lining hanging plants) as a base for making hedges