Saturday, March 5, 2016

BA: LW Germans vs US Paras

After our games the other weekend the guys were keen for some Bolt Action. Nigel was keen to try out his German army Kent painted for him last year and Kent ran his US paras. I have been meaning to paint a puma to finish off Nigel's army but haven't got round to it yet so he fielded a captured Greyhound armoured car instead but used puma stats for it.

We decided to do a point defence with Nigel's Germans attacking. I'd like to say it was a close game but it was a complete rout, with Nigel (and his most humble assistant) only managing to destory a US bazooka team in the whole game.

Turn 1: A view across the front line, the objective is on the right. A German half track filled with pioneers has advanced along the road and into the courtyard near the crossroads.

A squad of paras on the far side of the crossroads. 

A second German squad advances alongside the road towards the crossroads. 

Turn 3: The stug arrives.

The stug advances and takes cover behind a building. It faces off vs a 57mm aT gun, Sherman and the greyhound. Slightly outnumbered it came off second best and is eventually knocked out.

 German infantry advance though scrub towards the E-W road.

The infantry debus from the half track and capture a building. Only to be routed in hand to hand. Kent managed 5-6 kills vs the Germans 3 and the survivors surrendered. The first of Kent's uber-successful assaults.

The Sherman covers the Greyhound.

Kent pointing out his next victims- those guys there are dead!

The greyhound knocks out the 251. Grrrr.

The Americans destroyed about 6 of our squads, gun teams and vehicles for the loss of a bazooka team- so was "slightly" one sided.

We'll rerun it next week or so and see if the American can have better success attacking.

Good game guys, better luck next time Nige.