Saturday, December 22, 2018

Back into gaming... nearly

Well my year, 11 months actually, in Kiribati has come to an end. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience and this really has been one of the highlights of my life so far despite the many challenges the year has held. I’ve been looking forward to getting home but now it is almost time to leave I have mixed feelings about heading home but am looking forward to getting back into my hobbies, including gaming when I do.

I haven’t been able to do much in the way of gaming from out here. However, I was round at the deputy High Comms place a while back and noticed a large collection of Osprey’s and assorted military books. You wouldn’t be a wargamer would you? Yep. Alas we didn’t manage to get any gaming in but was nice to chat about rules etc now and then.

One thing that has kept me sane out here is my weekly Dungeons and Dragons session with my gaming group back home via messenger. We’ve been gaming pretty much weekly since 2001 so wasn’t going to let a small matter of pretty average internet access and being in the middle of the Pacific hold me back, and indeed it has been a real sanity check being able to have that weekly contact with the guys and the silliness that is our Tuesday night gaming sessions.

As I said I’m looking forward to getting home and getting back into a few projects. First off the block will probably be continuing my Lord of the Rings project using Dragon Rampant rules. I have been tempted to get a few more of those lovely Conqueror Models dwarves for my collection… we will see. However, being out here and seeing how little people have has made me reevaluate my own priorities regarding my discretionary spending so think I’ll be a tad more careful with gaming purchases in future- that’s the plan anyway.

I’ve only the tomorrow left and I’m off home, arriving mid-afternoon on Christmas day after an overnight stopover in Fiji. So expect a more regular updates in 2019.