Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More ACW

The game at the weekend was absolutely stunnig- great terrain, great opponents (and allies) and wesome loking armies. I got isnpired by some of te other armies I saw and decided I need to improve my own Rebs. First stop the basing!

I like Roger's 5cm x 4cm bases- same frontage, just less deadspace on the stand. So I have already rebased 3x (Black Powder) regiments (12 stands) and added a 4th.

Next stop tonight is to highlight some of the darker colours to make them pop a bit more- love the different painting techniques on display at the weekend- of only I could have grabbed a stand of each style for future reference.

4 newly based regiments ready for action.
 A comparison between the new and old base depths.

 And the first of my rebased artillery and limber :)
 Here is a good comparison between the depth of units- same frontage when deployed into line, just less depth when marching.



  1. I haven't even unpacked yet and you are already rebasing!!! There is already talk of doing another ACW battle next year. You guys keen? Might be BP by the talk I have seen.

  2. Two words Mr Woods...

    HELL YES!!!!!

    I'd also been keen to pop up one weekend for a game with you guys if that ever suited/ worked out. Have minis now, keen to use them!


  3. Tim has already booked the hall for this time next year!!!! Also as it happens, there has been talk of getting a few of the lads together in a couple months with a few to fighting the 1st day of gettysburg at the SAS club. We have the terrain and the troops! You will be kept informed.

    1. That sounds good (on both counts). After tonight I have 8 regiments re-based, 8 more to go :)