Sunday, August 5, 2018

Abandoned munitions on Tarawa

Well, I'm back in wargaming purgatory, so not much to report on the gaming front. However, I took these pictures back in February. I went with an Aussie friend for a trip over across the lagoon to North Tarawa for a swim. I was surprised to see a rusting WWII shell lying on the beach and then he took me to see a stockpile of rusting shells slowly rusting way on the shoreline. Are any of them live? I have no idea but bloody well hope not. 

Someone as stockpiled them there, my friend said that a few years ago a contractor had put them there and that (I think) they were to be supposed to have been disposed off, but currently they are just lying on an uninhabited atoll across the lagoon, relics of the battle of Tarawa.