Thursday, August 27, 2020

Now that is a good idea

 Okay so I'm a bit behind the times but spotted the Giant Book of Maps a couple of weeks ago and thought that is one of those simple ideas that making tabletop RPG gaming a whole lot better so ordered a book for our weekly games. 

Many of the maps I won't use but there are 62 to choose from. 

I've put a players handbook for size comparision. 

and compared to the typcial battle amp we use most weeeks- its about 1/3 bigger than the BBoMaps.


Sunday, August 23, 2020

A few more monsters

 A few more minatures for our D&D games.

Nolzur's minatures, fire elementals

Nolzur's Pathdinder earth elemtnal and a D&D clay golem.

A couple of Nolzur's xorn- which arrived just in time as we are currently in the classic Lost Cavens of Tsojcanth module and the party just run into three of these cute little three armed, three eyed gemstone eating monstrocities from the elemntal plane of earth. 

And a couple of Reaper Bones burrowing monsters, aka Umber hulks. not sure on the purple colour, should probably be a more muted black or datk grey but wanted a bit of colour on the othrewise drab looking bug-monster. 


Sunday, August 2, 2020

A few more monster for D&D

A couple of Reaper Bones Hellhounds

More Reaper bones-  a werewold and Deathdog. 

and finally, two winter wolves.