Friday, March 10, 2017

HC: Celteberians vs Carthaginians

The Battle for Gallaecia
Having successfully routed the Celteberians in the previous two battles the Carthaginans marched into the Celteberians stronghold of Gallaecia to end the campaign once and for all. With their final bastion threatened the Celteberians were forced into a corner, this was a must win battle to prevent the Carthaginian’s capturing their homeland and ending the war.  After much pondering the Celteberian general reorganised his commands, making two powerful warbands each with a screen of light infantry to protect them. His cavalry was tasked with protecting the flanks and possibly turning the enemy line, all going well that is…

Craig’s Celteberians
Left Division
Right Division
4x Med Warband
2x Lusitanian Light Infantry
4x Med Warband
2x Lusitanian Light Infantry
2x Med Cav
2x Light Cav
Kent’s Carthaginians
Kent organised his on force as follows (or similar to this)
Left Division
Right Division
1x Libyan longspear
2x Italian Hill tribes
2x Gallic Warband
2x Skirmishers
1x Libyan longspear
2x Italian Hill tribes
2x Spanish Scutarii
2x Skirmishers
1x Med Cav
2x Light Cav
1x Italian Hill tribes
1x Spanish Scutarii

The Celteberian's assemble for a prematch pep talk. 

Turn 1: The Celteberian warbands surge forward screened by their light infantry.

On my right flank the light horse advance to pepper the opposing light horse.

Not to be lulled in by the light horse the Carthaginian line marches forward en-mass.

On the Carthaginian right the Spanish and Italian infantry flank the Celteberian light horse and pepper them with javelins disordering one unit which retreats.

Turn 2 the warband remain stationary while the light infantry moves forward to harass the Carthaginian line.

The Celteberian light horse pulls back out of the Carthaginian noose.

In the Carthaginian turn their line unleashes a hail of missiles which manages to destroy one of the Lusitanian light infantry- grrr...

While on the far left my light infantry are harassing the Gallic warband, inflicting a few hits on them.

Kent sends forward his own skirmishers to deal with my light infantry and protect his main battle line while his elephant lumbers forward.

On the right flank one of my light horse units rolls badly for a break test and is destroyed.

The battle lines close in the centre. Kent charges with his Libyans who win the combat forcing my warband back. The Libyan heavy infatry are close to being shaken in the melee but follow up the retreating Celteberians.

On my turn I throw forward my centre command to try to destroy Kent's centre. The arrow highlights where the second Libyan heavy infantry unit got its wired crossed (a blunder) and retreated back two turns, leaving he flank dangerously exposed. If only I can capitalise on this...

Arrghhh! In my own turn rather than listening to their general the Celteberians stood round discussing the latest goings on in their Gallaecian homeland (poor command roll) and so missed the opportunity to roll up the Carthaginian flank.

The opportunity is lost. Kent rolled well for his command roll and the Libyan spears and Italian infantry double timed it back into position shoring up the exposed flank but I did manage to flank and destroy the Italian infantry. In the centre though it si not going so well, Kent's Libyans win the combat and destroy two of my warband units and other units are thrown back in disorder! My centre is starting to crumble.

On my left I throw my warband are disordered.

In Kent's turn his infantry fell just short of my warband's exposed flank. However, my centre command has all but broken (3 units destroyed) and my battle line is "slightly" exposed.

This is not looking good! I've sent over a unit of medium Spanish cavalry to bolster the line as I try to rally my centre but unfortunately lose another unit this turn and the Celteberian centre collapses.

 I really need to destroy Kent's central command! He's lost one unit, another is shaken if I can kill the elephant unit I might still have a glimmer of hope, so I throw my cavalry forward to engage the Nellie's and manage to win the combat and break his centre!

Unfortunately though the Libyan Heavy infantry on the Carthaginian left destroy my warband and break my other large unit. The surviving Celteberians melt away and their leaders sue for peace.
Game and campaign to Kent!

Another great game, I had my chances but again Kent used his troops well and I learned a lot. I really don't like trying to grapple with the Libyan heavy infantry so was trying to pepper their supporting units with javelins to disorder the and remove their supports, which kind of worked. My sending forward my light infantry to harass tactic nearly worked too and if anything showed I need more light infantry! I think 1 per warband would do well! My plan was to send the light infantry a couple of moves forward so they could retreat, fire javelins (or evade) then retreat again before the Carthaginians struck my line, I probably needed two more units of light infantry to do this a bit more successfully but was sound in theory.

A good fun game once again and very enjoyable.

Next time Kent, next time....


Saturday, March 4, 2017

HC: Rebased Seljuks

The rebasing of my Seljuk/Syrian/Arab army continues. The majority of the force is now rebased, just have to do 2 more stands of light horse and an additional heavy cavalry, as well as some command units to be able to field 500 points worth. I still need to touch up some of the figures but the rebasing part of the project is done- though I am now considering upsizing it by getting a few more heavy cav units (another 2-3), and some more infantry (I've 2 bases of light horse to paint up)

All the figures are from the Perry's lovely Crusades ranges.

5x units of heavy cavalry

 6x units of light horse

3x units of light infantry with bow
2x light/medium infantry (Javelins)
2x light infantry/ Ghazi fanatics (depending on the game)

So a busy last few days


Numidian Medium Infantry

I rebased these a few weeks back, just wanted to post a photo of my medium infantry basing. 10 figs on a 12cm x 5cm deep base,. i slightly staggered the figures on the bases as I liked the look, one rank stright behind the other didn't quite look right- and maybe one reason I never really liked these particular Crusader Miniatures poses.


Friday, March 3, 2017

HC Seljuk Turks- WIP

A couple of the guys at the cub are keen to get an crusades game of Hail Caesar going soon, so I've started rebasing (the third time I think) my Seljuk army to my current basing conventions.

One of the reasons I don't like selling/getting rid of armies. You'll need them one day! I rebased the light cavalry a couple of nights ago, the medium cav units were done today, the permafilla went on an hou or so ago  and I'm waiting for it to dry so I can get started on painting.

 I like having my light cavalry units based diagonally as though they are crossing the front of the opposing army, makes them nice and easy to distinguish on table too.

There will be more photos of this force in the next few days as I complete rebasing units.