Sunday, June 25, 2023

A few more Varangur for KoW

 I continue to dabble in my new Varangian force for kings of War. A few years back i bakced the Reaper Bones 2 kickstarter, in which were two frost giants. They have been languishing in my pile of shame ver since but I decided I needed a frost gaint in my Varangian army so that was the motivation I needed to get one of them painted up

Mantic Games giants are ridiculousy tall and this causes isues on the table top as they tend to topple over when on any sort of terrain. Though they look nice I have absolutely no interest in fielding such oversized monstrosities, but my own poor wee frost giant feels a tad inferior to his Mantic compatriots so demanded to be put on a bit of terrain to give him a bit more height- the infamous small giant syndrome. 

The rock outcropping "Frosty" is stadning upon is simply a bit of bark which has been painted. The key to using bark though is to seal it with a layer of PVA gue which when it dries shrinks and provides a tough seal- otherwise bark tends to chip and flake over time. The same technique is an old one that I first used on Airfix figures a few decades ago to provide a solid base before painting WWII Airfix and Esci infantry- otherwise paint tended to flake on these plastic figures. 

A quick and dirty paint job and Frosty is ready to report for duty and hopefuly will get his first outing tomorrow night.  


Monday, June 5, 2023

KoW: Varangar Army

I haven't been doing aot of gamig related stuff over the past few months but finaly getting back into it and ahving some reguar games of kings of War vs Gordon. I picked up some GW Chaos Marauders off one of the NZ buy & sell sites a few weeks back and so needed to make an army to fit them round and so have built a force of the evil Varangar for Kings of War.

A range of manufacturers used:

·       GW: chaos Marauders, LOtR Rangers (Night raiders) Rohan- (Horse raiders)

·       GB Goths- with Fireforge Medieval Russian heads (Sons of Kogan) & GB Mongols as  heroes

·       Reaper bones Ogres- Snow troll primes

Ragnarrok and kkitbasehes using Victrix and Gripping Beast figures- Draugr

·       Mantic- Frostlords