Saturday, July 20, 2013

28mm WWII...let the madness begin

My contract work pay came in so I went a little mad ordering stuff for the next project- 28mm Burma & PNG gaming.

I have my Aussie/Chindit/14th platoon ordered (about 750pts). It is mainly TAG but with a Warlord Games 2" mortar  and I am keen to get some Brigade Games Aussies to add to the mix in future.
The starter force consists of: 
3x sections of infantry with Bren
1x section of Ghurkas (will be used as veteran troops in the Burma games)
1x Vicker MMG
1x 3" Mortar

I am also tempted to get the new Perry 8th Army box and to paint up as British for the Malaya/Hong Kong/Singapore campaigns- and also use a few as part of the 14th/Aussie force for more variety.

 I have also ordered a similar sized force of Japanese (a 50/50 mix of TAG and Warlord Games) which consists of:
2x 9 man sections with LMG (TAG)
1x 9 man section + LMG (Warlord)
1x 9 man section + LMG- Warlord jungle fighters (will be used as vets)
1x MMG
3x light mortars

So that lot should keep me busy for a while.

Kent has just ordered the Warlord Japanese starter army himself which includes a Chi-ha tank so I might need to get some sort of AT support or a tank myself. Not keen to tank up at this stage, but may end up getting a stuart or Sherman as support in future- we will see.

So to to start my research I have  started re-reading the Path of Infinite Sorrow. Last night I also watched the documentary Kokodo which is a very well produced account of the battle.



  1. Of my Japanese figures I really like the Brigade sculpts the best, then TAG then Warlord.
    They all easily mix in, DO NOT get any Westwind!

    You don't need tanks if you take suicidal Anti-tank bombers!!!

    Great stuff Craig, look forward to seeing them finished, then perhaps we organise a campaign day :) Seen Jason's Jungle Japs?

    1. Jason's jungle Japanese look very good. A campaign day sounds good.

      Am doing a bit of research into British armour in Burma and might get a mighty 3A1 for the retreat to the Chitwin in 42- or for the battle of Buna in PNG.

      Thanks for the tips on figs- I have been umming and ahhing over Brigade Japanese for even more variety. I see Warlord put their plastic Japanese on pre-order today

    2. Wait, so the 8th Army guys can be used in the Far East? (forgive my total ignorance of the uniforms/theater here) The Perrys do such a good job of their plastics that I almost want to get anything they do, given the excuse...

      I think you've been given good advice re: the AT, below. Unlike FOW, you can pin a unit into uselessness as the pins stack. So anything that is a heavy weapon can help. A 50 cal can pin a KT in this game. Still Stuarts.... and Matildas? are very cool tanks.

    3. Hi Jamie

      Perry's are always a good buy AFAIK!

      The standard desert style uniform (Khaki drill) was worn in the Far East up to the fall of Singapore (it was replaced in 1942 as the Khaki was too visible in the jungle and the uniform was uncomfortable & impractical- according to my Mollo book on uniforms.

      Watching the Kokoda doco the other night there was a segment where they showed and dicussed the AIF regulars sent from the Middle East dyeing their uniforms green (in 44 gal drums!) on the Kokoda trail!

      The new Perry guys in shorts (painted green) would also work in the jungle for variety as the jungle uniform had longs and shorts.

      I am keen into paint up a khaki clad platoon of Perry's for the Malayan campaign.

      Re: Tanks- I will start with a 2pdr and go from there. Oh, and if you are buyng from Perry's their bren carrier looks fantastic!

  2. Always nice to start up a new projec, especially when there are well erned money just waiting to be used:)

    Looking forward to follow your project !

    best regards Michael

    1. Agreed Michael- now the wait for minis to arrive begins :(

      Might have to get started on some new terrain for it in the interim

  3. As it looks from the box art that you get Boys Anti-Tank Rifles, I don't reckon you need get any tanks if you don't want them. I'd suggest instead a 2-pr AT gun (or two), preferably on portees, or, failing that, one or two 18/25-pr artillery pieces fitted with muzzle brakes for anti-tank work. That should give you a kind of asymmetric dynamic balance in your games, methinks...

  4. Hi Ion

    I am very keen on 2pdrs and have tracked down some with Aussie crews from Brigade games which I will get- they also do an Aussie version of the Stuart which I may end up getting later on. I'm keen for infantry based clashes to begin with

    1. I reckon history has been too inclined to belittle the 2pr - a far more effective piece than it has been given credit for. I hadn't thought of the Honey as a foil for the Japanese Chi-Ha tank. You might consider the Daimler Mk 2 armoured car, as well.

    2. Apparently in Burma the Chi-Has couldn't penetrate the Stuarts armour! The honey as an uber tank, who would have thought it? The paper thin armour of the Japanese tanks makes the 2pdr a weapon to be feared too.

      The main reason to choose the Honey though is its ability to do double duty with the Aussies and for the British in Burma in '42 (I'll gloss over the Aussie modifications to the Stuart). If I went for the Lee or Sherman of 44-45 it would totally outclass te Chi ha and not make the game much fun (IMO) for my stalwart opponent- the Stuart should keep things in balance (should I choose to field it).

  5. 28mm WWII is something that appeals as a painting project. Will be watching your progress with interest.

  6. Apparently Andrew will be running some Bolt Action in Dunedin next week Craig- might be worth popping in to have a look. Noel etc from Invercargill will be there