Saturday, July 30, 2022

Basing figures

 Gordon asked me how I base my figures. I use a pretty basic system these days and tend to stick to two versions of it-  field green or dry straw static grass depending on the army I'm working on. 

Here is the start of my latest project some "Orcs" fr kings of War using Oathmark Gnolls rather than orcs. I paint the figures then place them on the base to  figure out how I want them to look- in this case I wanted an orcish "battle wedge" formation. 

Once the figures are superglued  to the base I cover the base witha product caled permafilla from the local Mitre 10 DIY store. The orcish wardrums I based today and this is not my usual method in that they are based before painting but with only two figures and a drum I figured what the hell. 

Once the permafilla is dry I use PVA or superglue to add some stones borrowed from the local beach to add a bit more texture. 

A few of the basics- permafilla and test pot paints. 

I then undercoast the base black and dry a "heavy" drybrush of a dark brown shade. 

then the stones are drybrushed a light grey colour. 

Finally I use a yellowy/tan light drybrush to pick out the details of the base this step is done quite lightly. 

Next up is the static grass which covers approx 25-30% of the base. I like not having a uniform cover of static grass as the contrasts draw the eye to the base and the figures don't get "lost" in the base. 

Then I add green tufts for even more variety. 

And finally, some late autumn tufts. 

A contrast between the finished base and the one at the end of the dark brown drybrush stage. 

And the bases ready for gaming.