Sunday, May 22, 2016

BA- Free French vs Germans 1600pts

It's been a while since our lat game but last Wednesday night Kent popped round for a game. This time we played 1600pts. I've added a 76mm Sherman and a dodge weapons carrier to my line up, along with an M8 Scott.

We decided to play a FoW free for all and also allowed tank destroyers to fire then move rather than the standard move then fire.

I took

  • 2x 75mm Shermans
  • 1x 76mm Sherman
  • 1x M8 Scott
  • 2x infantry squads
  • 1x bazooka
  • 1x 81mm mortar
  • 1x 57mm AT gun & 3/4 ton dodge weapons carrier

Kent ran:

  • 1x panzer IV
  • 1x stug
  • 1x poanther
  • 1x marder
  • 2x squads
  • 1x MMG
  • 1x mortar
  • 1x pak 40

Kent's new armour- the airbrush work looks really, really good!

And the Free french armour

Turn 1, the 57mm AT deploys.

The sherman command tank leads the way while  another sherman takes up a hull down position.

The M10 too takes up a defensive position, covering the crossroads.

The stug advances towards the crossroads.

the Sherman command tank is destroyed by trhe panther on turn 1. First blood to Kent. Not a promising start for the Free French.

The panther and stug hold the centre of the field.  An ominous duo.

The AT gun had gone on ambush and destroyed the marder as it emerged for the tree line!. 1-1.  The second disastrous outing for the marder.

Towards the end of turn 2 the Sherman brewed up te command panzer IV though rolling a series of 6s!

The French 81mm mortar fires smoke to crescent the panther and stug.

The 76mm Sherman attempts to outflank the panther by moving into the lee of a building.

German infantry occupy the damaged building near the crossroads and stsart coming under mortar fire.

The 76mm Sherman creeps closer to its prey.

The panther fires at the Sherman but misses.

The Scott fires HE at the building adding the the infantry's misery.

The French infantry advance under the protection of the M10. for 3 turns the German MMG (visible on the edge of the cornfield in the top right corner) remained down due to being peppered by the German MMG and failing orders checks.  

The infantry start closing in on the MMG.

The remaining Sherman has managed to get ontoo the pantehrs flank and also put the pak 40 cvrew under fire with its MMG.

Goumiers advance towards the MMG.

The bazooka team has snuck through the woods and takes a pot shot at the panther but are then cut down by small arms fire from the second German squad.

Turn 6 the Germans capitulate.

An overwhelming French victory. At last! I destroyed the Panzer IV, stug, marder, 81mm mortar and something else for the loss of a Sherman and bazooka.

The game ended up very one sided but after turn 1 I didn't think it was going to go the way it did at all.

I look forward to a rematch in the next week or two.