Friday, June 3, 2022

Southcon 2022- first run for the elves

 For the first time in many years I am heading down to Southcon and will be joining Josh and Gordon to play Kings of War. I’ve had lots of practice games with my Ogres and had planned on taking them but after a single game with my elves changed my mind so am taking an army I have very little experience using- a total of one game under my belt so the list is far from fine tuned.  

The elves are considered an elite army and somewhat of a scalpel force and nowhere near as resilient as my ogres are so it will be interesting to see how they go. 

 2x Palace Guard  Regiments

1x Therennian Seaguard horde

1x Quicksilver lancers (Stormwind) Reg

2x Silverbreeze Cavalry Regs

1x Drakon Riders horde

1x Elven King,  Mount on a Horse, shardblade (melee 2+)
2x Lords on Drakon 1 with the Boomstick

2x Elven Archmage’s- 1 lightning bolt, inspiring talisman, #2- lightning bolt

20x Unit Strength, 11 Units

Palace Guard

Elite medium infantry with CS 1, reasonable defence (Def 4). I was tooing and froing between taking them as a horde and the seaguard as regiments or vice versa. In the end I stuck with my original idea of having the palace guard regiments flanking the Seaguard and trying to manoeuvre into flanks. I see these two units also as working together when possible.


Seaguard Horde

The plan is to have hem holding the centre, plinking away with 25 shots hitting on 5+. Spears with Phalanx, hitting on 4s with elite is unit is a solid, versatile unit. I hope to blunt attacks and then counter attack with the Seaguard. The now have steady aim with their shooting too. I’m not expecting their shooting to do much but hope to aim at Def 3 or 4 units as much as possible.

I’ve used the GW Galadheim Elves as for these units and very happy with how they have turned out.

 Quicksilver lancers (Stormwind) Reg

Elite elven heavy cav. They have been boosted n Clash of Kings 2021 with the Quicksilver Lancers option for one regiment which makes them nimble and increases their nerve to 15/17. This makes them a real threat on the flans with their options to turn on a dime. I’d have loved to add Jesse’s boots to them but alas not enough points. I am using Galadhiem Knights and also Riders of Rohan to make up this unit.


Silverbreeze Cav reg

I like using light Cav type units and the Silverbreeze are some of the bs tin the game. No thunderous- unless charging off a hill memo to self for during the games!), speed 10,  melee and ranged 4+ which isn’t too shabby, nimble and elite and steady aim. For this unit I am using GW riders of Rohan.  

 Drakon Riders horde

I love the look of this regiment, using the new Mantic mini’s. These guys fly and have CS 1 and TC 1 + elite. 18 attacks, hitting on 3s. A real threat and I will need to combine with my other cav units when possible. A dangerous unit and so one that opponents will focus on.


Elven king

Speed 9, 5 attacks, CS 1, with the shard blade (hits on 2+). My mobile anti-flyer and anti character unit. I didn’t have points for the sabre tooth a cat (duelling). A mobile, inspiring support unit.

 2x Lord on Drakons

In my practice game I only had one but have dropped my other unit for a second one. Again I am using the new Mantic Drakon models which are stunning. I have one the Boomstick for 3 lightning bolts but am kicking myself for not taking the blade of the beast slayer. My reasoning was the broomstick turns him into a mini dragon with a breath attack option so we will see if it works out. Again highly mobile with elite melee, fly, inspiring, nimble and TC 1. Not as tough as Gordon’s human kings of winged beasts but are also cheaper. Hitting form the flanks or rear will give them 10 or 15 attacks so I need to make sure I position them correctly.


2x elven archmages

Again pretty simple- lighting bolts and one with the inspiring talisman to inspiring trools. I intend to use them as speedbumps/chaff if necessary but their main role witl be for close fire support with lightning bolts with the sea guards.


So there we have it, 11 units, 20 unit strength. Having seen the other army lists I think it might struggle in some match ups but I am hoping to be able to work the flanks and manoeuvrability. I don’t think it will do that well but am hoping to win 2 and would happy if I could win 3 games over the weekend.