Friday, May 14, 2021

KoW: Easterlings (KoM) vs Kingdoms of Men

 A fun game of KoW last night, my Easterlings (Kingdom of men) vs Ken’s Kingdom'sof Men with elven allies.

Ken ran appox

  • 2x knight regiments
  • 1x pike horde
  • 1x footguard horde
  • Giant
  • Beast of war (mammoth)
  • Hero on peg
  • Mounted general
  • Wizard
  • Elven bows
  • Silverbreeze
  • Wizard
I ran: 

  • 3x 3x mounted scout troops
  • 2x knight regs
  • 1x knight horde (brew of Str)
  • 1x giant
  • 2x generals on fell beasts
  • 1x wizard

So as you can see two very different kingdom’s of Men armies. I hoped to use my mobility to maximum advantage and try to avoid tangling with the pike block if I could.

The game started well for me with my mouted scouts ganging up on the silverbreeze and destroying them, then using my mounted scouts as bait vs Ken's knights on my left flank which opened them up for a counter charge by my own knights. Alas, on the left flank I let my ogres get charged by the knights and hero on a pegasus and that did not end well for the ogres!


My plan try to overwhelm my left flank and scoot round the rear of the enemy while holding the right flank back. 

Ken's Monty Python inspired knights. 
Pikes, smikes. 
My Knights rprepare for battle. 

Turn 1 was a bit of sniping (1 wound each) while ken's forces advanced. 

Turn 3, knights and a hero on a pegasus smash into the ogres. 

Meanwhile the pikes horde marches closer. 
the ogreshold but are wavered. 

On the left the knights smash into my sacrifical mounted scouts. 

Alas, poor Boo Boo gets himself flanked by the beast of war. 

The melee on my right flank continiues

A view from turn 3

Having destroyed the mounted scouts Ken's knights are in turned charged and wiped out by own knights.

Footguard and knights approach the knight horde. 

Sensing an opportunity I launch my own knights at the shield wall, aiming to break them and punch though the enmy line...

My reserve unit of scouts are flanked by the pegasus rider- but depsite the odds hold him off (though wavered) for two turns. Inconcieveable!

The pike horse slams into my knight horde which has just destroyed the beast of war. This phase was also known as don't take the bait, don't take the... oh crap!

And are aided by the human general. 

Knights are bogged down and about to be flanked by a giant!

A giant in the flank doesn't help my knight's cause any!

But they do manage to destroy the pikes. 

But next turn I lose a general and the knight horde and the remaining Easterlings flee back east from when they came. 

Victory to Ken. 

Concluding Thoughts

I got a bit lucky with 3 different units wavering instead of being destroyed (ken rolling 3s or 4s and not routing them) but in the end the pikes came though the centre supported by the footguard and although the pikes were destroyed by the knights eventually the Easterlings were overwhelmed.

As per usual KoW is bloody brutal, and soon the table became a massacre. I made a few tactical blunders that cost me dearly- ogres being charged and not screening my knight horde properly being the most glaring but I also had opportunities to take the game so was reasonably happy with my performance. I got a few units flanked at various times and so need to watch out for that and should have run a unit of mounted scouts to slow down the advance of the pikes before they came in at the knight horde- lesson definitely learned there!

Ken was a lot of fun to play against a thoroughly enjoyed the game. KoW certainly is fast, fun, engaging and most of all bloody game. We had a chat about the differnces with V2 (whcih we both ahd only played a couple of times but both fdelt that the V3 rules achieve what they set out to do and overall are pretty damn good.


Sunday, May 2, 2021

KoW: Easterlings vs Dwarves

 Easterlings vs Dwarves

Another game of KoW at Gordon’s today. When I arrived Josh and Gordon were finishing a game in which the dwarves saw off the orcs and their giant allies- 3x giants! 

Gordon’s dwarf army (approx)

3x ranger troops

2x Ironguard regiments

1x shield breaker horde – caterpillar potion

1x Behemoth

1x Golloch's Gun

1x dwarf lord on  large beast- slashing blade

1x steel juggernaut

2x mastiff packs

I ran-  Easterlings 2000pts

2x knight regiments

1x knight horde- brew of sharpness

3x mounted scoot troops

1x ogre horde (allies)

1x wizard on a horse-boom stick

2x General’s on fell beasts- 1 with slashing blade

Note: I'm not using the mounted sergeant regiments in the photo below, I'm using 3x troops of mounted scouts instead. 

GW riders of Rohan have many uses- in this case they've gone ot the dark side and being ssued as Easterlings. 

A regiment of Ogres- Reaper Bonesmini's and a couple of Reaper Ettins. 

Mission & Tactics

We rolled up control, where you get points at the end of the game for controlling each different of six quadrants.  

My plan- try to deal with those bloody ranger troops, to my mind they were a big threat early on to my knights, and once they were dealt with then try to time my charges to maximum advantage. If I could take one or two out with my own lightning bolts and shooting then I’d be happy. Also I needed to watch out for chaff units trying to stop my knight charges- especially the horde. 

The mission meant control of the six table zones so needed to also keep that in mind.  

Deployment. I had decided to hide the knight horde behind the woods and move through them and wait for an oportune time ot charge, ideally after my scouts had dealt with some of those bloody annoying ranger troops. 

As you can see Gordon continued with his checkerboard defence interspering his rangers with heavier hitting units, it is an effective tactic. 

The dwarves get the first time and managed to kill one of the scout troops. Boo Boo the giant shambles forward hoping for a suitable target- if not how about a 65pt chaff unit of mastiffs?  We had a bit of a joke about giants flunking accounting school.

Charge! My hope was to lure the dwarves out to attack the giant and open them up to a countercharge by my knight horde. Gordon didn't fall for it though and did not coutner attack Boo Boo. 

Watching the giant get stuck in one of the Easterling cavalry commanders was heard to ask: Should be advance now? Yeah, nah.  

The giant squishes the mastiffs and looks for more targets. Luckily I had wavered one unit of rangers so that will be one less unit of shooting! 

As you can see the dwarves are slowly pivoting towards the centre of the table but not attacking Boo Boo so he charged into a unit of rangers on his next turn. Go Boo Boo, go!. 

The general's on fell beasts use their 10" movement and nimble to full advantage. 

This isn't going to end well for Boo Boo the giant. 

Boo boo died but this set up a charge by a regiment of knights on Golloch's gun- which I wounded but didn't finish off- as Josh pointed out I should have rear charged Goloch with my nearby general who was flapping round doing sweet f all. I tactical mistake which woudn't be my last. 

The end is nigh. The knight horde finally unleashed and destroyed the Ironguard (64 dice in the flank equals a lot of dead dwarves) and then Goloch's Gun.

Alas I didn't capture any of the action on the right flank where the scouts kept giving ground to the Ironguard and general on the beast. 

Overall I was a much happier with how I performed and think I'm getting the hang of it, still made a few major blunders at different times but definitely improving on my understanding of the interplay of various units and feel this game was a lot more tactical sparring with me trying to remain out of charge range of the dwaves and use the extra movement ranges to my advantage. The two general's also worked well in this regard but do need to ensure that I get the synergies right.  

Winning the roll to pick sides helped too as I denied Gordon a very handy wood the rangers would have loved. 

I am also pleased to say I killed 2 units of rangers and a number of other units. Rangers are still my public enemy #1. 


At the end of the game it was a bit of a stalemate. We both controlled one sector and depending on the order we chose to resolve things it was either going to be a win to Gordon or a win to me. We decided to resolve it by rolling to see who got to decide first. I lost the roll off and so Gordon won. Good close game though and really quite tactical in the last couple of turns trying to dominate table sectors. 

What worked?

Holding back my charge still turn 3-4 onwards/ I tried to keep my knight units intact, use the superior charge range to their advantage and minimise shooting. A bit like the fabled norman cavalry charges it is imortant to time when t release the knights and think I timed it pretty well- sending Boo Boo as a diversion worked well too as he definitely helped clear the way. 

Horde of knights- flank attack with 64 dice are pretty damn unstoppable and at the end the rolled up a regiment of irongurard and Golloch’s gun. Getting them into the charge is obviously the key and the opponent doing all they can to prevent it, the threat of the charge being enough to change the tempo of the game.

Using speed to redeploy- I dd with is a unit of knights and on my right flank used a troop of mounted scouts act as skrisihers, retreating and giving ground to the advancing dwarves. 

The only things I weren’t sure of were:

Ogres- poor deployment didn’t help but they held a quarter but really didn’t use them well! Still not sure of they are a better option of replace them with mounted sergeants and a single wizard for another lighting bolt option.  My rationale for taking them was a solid unit of infantry as a potetnial can pener vs pike heavy armies whch could trip up my k-nikkets. 

Mounted scouts- still not sure of using as 3x troops or if 2x regiments would be more effective. The type of unit would change their role somewhat- I need them to shoot chaff units off the board if possible and the small units while great at protecting my heavier Cav. It is whether I use them as troops to screen/cover the advance or heavier regiments as mobile archery platforms/ supporting chargers.

A few things ot ponder but Cheers Gordon, a it really was a fun, tactical game. 

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Huns/Easterlings/Kingdoms of Men

 I've been working on my Kingdoms of Men list ofr kings of War the past week or so. I got some more of the lovely Gripping Beast metal huns so have painted up a couple of bases of Mounted Sergeants to add to my light horse (mounted scouts).

The army is the basis of my hun force for historics and easily morphed into Easterlings for Middle Earth gaming, or now a mobile Kingdom of Men force for Kings of War. I like the idea of an all mounted army- heavy cav (knights) supported by mounted sergeants with skirmishing scouts on front. It works in my head but we will see if I can learn to apply it on the table top.

To add a bit of aerial support in KoW  I have a couple of Nazgul to act as generals on fell beasts, and can add either an elephant or two or even a trolls (giants) to the mix if necessary. 

I have no idea how it will peform on tabletop but am keen to take it out for a spin. 

Mounted scout troops (in KoW)

I base my cav for easy table top recognition- light horse 4 figs per base, medium cav (Mounted Sergeants) 5 figs and heavy cav 6 figs so I can easly tell at a glance which unit is which. Though I will probably redo the mounted scouts with 5 figs on the regiment sized bases to differentiate them from troops of scouts a wee bit more (though the base size is a dead give away IMO).

The figures in the back are my original idea for Easterling Havy Cav- GW Rohan with differnt shields. They work, but just need to rebase them to match the rest of the force. 

Mounted scouts in the front, mounted sergeants in the next rank and knights bringing up the rear. I am especially interested to see which performs better for me, scouts or sergeants. On paper the flexibility of the scouts wins out for me but we will see. 

Once you get enough units together on the table top it doesn't matter if you are a very average painter like me, the massed effect makes the figures stand out anyway.