Friday, March 22, 2024

More 28mm Japanese

 I've just painted up another squad of Warlord Games Japanese. i've now 3x squads of 11 men and today added some lone snipers as well. I'm not relaly a fan of prone figures so converted three of the prone figures to snipers in spider holes ready to snipe and unsuspecting enemy and am quite happy how they turned out. I've also given each squad a flag, simply as the look cool and IMO rule of cool always prevails. 

Three anti-tank teams.

A very quick paint job- block paint and wash and not even bothered with highlighting. They'll do on the table. 


Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Burma playtest

 I have painted up a couple of squads of Warlord Games plastic Japanese for Bolt Action so decided to have a little playtest game last night to try out the two armies. I decided to modify the Flames of War hold the line mission for the game and it worked fairly well. 

I only played a few turns and didn't get a result but enjoyed the process and hope to get a full game in one weekend soon using these two forces.

Briish and Indian infantry begin to advance supported my a carrier and Stuart. 

The Japanese lie in wait. 

On the right flank the other tow infantry secions advance though the jungle. 

a bofors gun provides support. Interesting fact at Kohima, the British workshops were being harassed at night by Japanese snipers. Someone suggested using horse blankets which were wet placed to proect from the snipers and these seemed to work. An officer decided this was not effective/efficient so ordered up a bofors gun and they used that to fire at the muzzle flashes and ended the sniper menace. 

The objectives are the two ammo dumps by the road.

A banzai charge vs the Indian infantry. The Japanese were killed. 

End of turn 2 the British approaching the two fords. 

An infantry assualt vs the medium MG covering the left ford. 

Another banzai charge is defeated. 

A view where I called it at the end of turn 3 as it was getting late. 

So there we have it, a fun little game to get the new terrain and mini's out. 


Monday, March 11, 2024

Terrain for gaming in Burma

 In the last couple of weeks I've been explerimenting with making rice paddies for games set in Burma and he Far East. Quite happy wih how hey have urned out so far, bu ened o make a few more when i get time. 

I also took the opporuniy to tidy up my jungle terrain that had got a bit chipped in the past few years. Someone needs to wrie  abook, 101 uses for plastic aquarium plants :) 

Until next time


Sunday, March 3, 2024

Warlord Games British infantry kitbashing

 I've been chipping away at my British & Commonwealth armies for the Italian Campaign and also for the 14th Army in Burma. Both forces are built around a combination of the Warlord Games Late War British/Canadian infantry and the 8th Army infantry boxes.

The Forgotten 14th Army in Burma- again a kitbash from the various ranges. Most are in trosusers but there are a few in shorts as well and I've added plenty of bushhats. These guys are painted in a tropical  green uniform. 

Last nights addition- a section of commandos. 

I must say I am really quite impressed with this generation of Warlord plastics- you can combine the arious sets and they hae lots of kitbashing possibilities. There are 6 core bodies but you are able to build a force so that no two figures look the same, for more variety I have also added some greenstuff to a few of the 8th army figures giving them trousers to mix things up even more. 

All up I've painted four boxes (120 figures) in the past few weeks and am planning on getting another couple of sets...