Sunday, May 19, 2019

WIP Oathmark Dwarves

It's been a bit of a busy last two-three weeks as we've packed up our house and moved. I've now a small shed cram packed with all my gaming gear while I await a new wooden shed I've ordered to be built so I can reorganise my gaming collection.

Anyway the move finished on Thursday so I headed down to the bach for a bit of R&R and managed to get some painting done. One of the ongoing projects is the forces for my Middle Earth gaming, lots more planing than gaming unfortunately.

A couple of years ago I bought some GW LoTR dwarves off a gaming mate and wasn't overly impressed with the figures so last year started afresh by getting some Conqueor Models Dwarves crossbows, which are lovely. Wasn't that keen on the Conqueror infantry units and so have been awaiting the release of the new Oathmark Heavy Dwarf infantry for my rank and file and once released ordered myself a box to check them out.

You get 30 models in the box, 5 different torsos, 20 heads and a wide range of weapon options making this a very useful set. I really love the proportions and options- you can make a great variety of figures. I've gone for 2 units of weapon + shield armed dwarves for my regular units and one of two-handed weapon (and fully helmed) armed dwarves to be the elite infantry. I am really impressed with this set,; it is very, very useful.

A few work in progress pictures

A comparison with the Conqueor dwarves. The Conqeror models are more Dark Ages/Viking inspired and a bit less bulky but the two ranges fit together very well and can see me adding more of both ranges to grow this force a bit more.

Tonight I undercoated the bases

A few comparisons:

Fireforge Russ (aka Easterlings) & Oathmark

Oathmark and GW Rohan infantry- quite a bit chunkier and almost the same height but I'd happily put them in the same table though in different units.
 GW Rohan and Oathmark

Oathmark and some GB Vikings- both plastic and metals

GB Plastics and metals & Oathmark
 Oathmark & GW Rohan
 Fireforge Russ and Oathmark