Sunday, February 16, 2020


Another of those off again, on again projects of mine. I've just rebased some of my dark ages figures to make a Dunlending force for Middle Earth Rampant. The Wildmen of Dunland are made up of some old Glory Scots (I think), the figures were quite a bit shorter than the rest of the force (Footsore, Gripping Beast and  Victrix Vikings) so I put them on 20mm round bases to give them a bit more height and that has made the differences less noticeable to the eye.

The army assembles.

 Light and Medium horse
 Bowmen or scouts depending on my mood.

 The Wildmen

It should make for another interesting force for Middle Earth Rampant.


Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Oathmark Dwarves

Another force I've been slowly working my way through in the past year are my dwarves. The force is mainly made up of the Oathmark Heavy Dwarven infantry and Conqueror Models crossbow-dwarves. Although there is a slight differences in size the two ranges complement each other fairly well.

The Oathmark Dwarves are easy to assemble and a pleasure to paint with lots of easy to pick out details and unlike some of the dwarven ranges out there they even have knees!

The force for Dragon Rampant I've made consists of:

  Unit  Unit Type Special Rules Points Total Points
1 Dwarf Lord Elite foot Ranger 6 6
1 Housecarls Elite foot 6 6
2 Axe Thanes Heavy foot Offensive 6 12
2 Crosssbows Heavy missiles 4 8
1 Warmachine 4 4
7       Total: 36

The only unit I haven't finished yet are the Housecarls which I'll  run as either elite foot. I am waiting for more bases to arrive so I can rebase them to match the rest of the force.

The army assembles for war.

The crossbowmen are by Conqueor Models.

The Warmachine is by GW.

One of the two units of axe-dwarves (heavy foot offensive). 

The dwarven lord and his faithful servant/axeman.

My new bases. Joe atTitan Terrain has been making a variety of bases for me with roudnd corners (similar to FoW ones) in a range of different sizes for my various units.

 Kent has moved to CHCH to live so I think I'll hae have a little solo game playtest in the next few days of the stoic, disciplined dwarves vs the fury of the bellicose bugbear horde...