Thursday, July 15, 2010

Numidian Roman Trained Infantry

My order from Warweb turned up today, including the last of my Numidians. Crusader miniatures Roman trained infantry, imitation legionnaires and some light horse + a prince for the command element.

So tonight's job was to paint up 3 stands of Roman trained infantry- which I will also use as the auxillia version of the list under DBA. So now I only have the command Cavalry stand to complete the army.

Note: If you compare this post to the earlier posts on the 28mm Numidians you'll notice that I've changed the basing- I've added some Woodlands Scenics turf (various shades I've mixed together- it includes fine and course turfs) and some clump foliage. I think the bases look far more effective.

I also received a couple of Old Glory Elephants and Libyan Spearmen for the Carthaginian army, so another project to carry on working on.


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