Friday, July 9, 2010

A(nother) Change Plans

Another sight change of plans. Kent and I managed not to have our Impetus Game on Wednesday night, partly due to it being TAG's AGM (not that we knew that till we got to the club) and partly because he had just received an order of 28mm Imperial Romans so we went round to his place and organised them as there wasn't going to be any gaming at the club till the AGM was out of the way. Given all his painting commissions I'm not sure when he'll get round to painting them up as they'll no doubt have to wait until he's done his commission work. However, it does mean we'll have enough Romans for a BIG demo game next year so we'll have to sort out a battle to refight.

I did manage to get off him enough cavalry to do two units of Cav for my Imperial Romans, which I painted up last night and now only have to finish the bases. I didn't like the Wargames Factory models- too big compared to the Warlord Games ones and the detail not crisp enough for me. I was thinking of ordering some Warlord Games Roman Cav so the timing was excellent. I also got enough archers to make 2 units of Western Archers and also some engineers to make a camp so have more than eought for my starter force.

Next weekend is the DBA comp in ChCh so was supposed to be testing my force next week at the club but Kent and I will do our Impetus demo game then instead, I'd much rather play Impetus than "Geometry Wars".

I've been seriously thinking about my Numidian force and whether or not Light Horse armies can be competitive on 24" square tables. I'm not convinced they can so am tempted to take a Sassanid Persian army instead! To that end I ordered the models from Eureka today (AB Sassanid General, infantry and Ca)v and so now have to cross my fingers they arrive in time to paint for next weekends comp. As long as they arrive Tuesday or Wednesday I'll be fine. I've quite a few Arab types lying round that will be sued for the Cav and cataphracts (tonight's job to rebase them).

Lots of Cavalry, elephant and 2 elements of Hordes, an interesting army. Not sure if changing this late is a good idea but we'll have to wait and see, and no doubt using the army BEFORE the comp is probably a good idea too!.

Now I just have to resist the temptation t0 build the Sassanid Persians in 28mm for Impetus- at least for a wee while till I clear some of my current projects from the backlog.


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