Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DBA II/69 Sassanids & II 58/ Alans

Today the last of my Sassanid army arrived- too late for the weekend alas, but they are now paitned up and ready to go. Perhaps with their own Sassanid Elephant and hordes the army will start to perform better!

The AB miniatures are lovely models, I'll definitely be getting more in future (as if I need more 15mm!).

2x Hordes- levy.

2x Hordes, 1x elephant and Cavalry General- all AB figures.

The Cavalry- mainly Legio Heroica Muslims.

Essex Light horse and auxilia.

Alans II/58
I've always liked light horse armies but they do struggle in DBA. I made a Hun army about 5 years ago but have hardly sued it, last night I rebased it and renamed it Alans.

The mounted are all Essex Huns if I remember correctly. I rebased them last night.

6x Elements of Light Horse- in most situations I'll only use 5 though- I thnk I can fiedl aobut 8-10 if I really wanted to.

4x Knights- the heavy hitters.

2x Blade, 1x Psiloi. Splintered Light Saxons which will represent various goth heavy infantry. Another great range Splintered light.

Impetus Battle?
I also painted up the general stand for my Impetus Numidians. I have to be in Christchurch for some training on Friday so may take the Romans and Numidians and give Ian a game while I'm there.

Impetus Crusaders
Kent has just ordered the start of a Crusader army with Perry miniatures so I'll have to get cracking on finishing the Syrians soon.



  1. These both look very nice. Here's hoping that the proper hordes and elephant will make the difference for the Sassanids!

    I'm keen to get myself a few cavalry armies. Currently the closest I've got is the Ancient British or the Normans. No real experience using such armies, though!

  2. Cheers Mark

    I like the mobility but have found that LH don't really seem to work well (for me) on 24" tables, one of the reasons I prefer 30"- stops the domination of blade type armies.

    However, the Alans are now 4-0 vs the Sassanids and are definitely in the running for TAGCON.

    I was very impressed with your Carthaginians- they look even better than in the photos on your blog.


  3. Thanks, I'm still figuring out the Carthaginians, but am starting to get the hang of them. I'm keen to try out different types of armies, and ones with lots of 3Cv are one I'd like to have; I'm still dithering on which one (and feeling I should shift some of the backlog of lead before getting more!).

    I've yet to try the 30" table (I'd need to buy a cloth for it first), but would like to, as it seems very popular in the States.