Thursday, July 1, 2010

28mm Numidians

Inspired by my 15mm terrain project I've decided to finish off my 28mm Numidians. Finn and I had a 15mm game of DBA (Carthagians vs Numidians) and he said he much prefers the look/size of 28mm figures and that was all the encouragement I needed!

This project has been on the back burner for a while. I ordered some of the Warlord Games Numidians with my Imperial Romans and go some of the Wargames Factory Numidians last Christmas when I was first starting my Carthaginian- Republican Roman project.

So I've paint up the cavalry and ordered a few more bits and pieces (mainly Crusader Miniatures) to finish them off. I also needed a few Libyan Spears for the Carthaginians and decided to go with Old Glroy for those. The two armies are going to be a miss mash of ranges: Crusader, Renegade (Spanish infantry, Carthaginian Cav and Numidian elephant), Old Glory, and Wargames Factory.

Wargames Factory Numidians: Wasn't sure if I would like these (purchased them a few months ago) but they are cheap and paint up okay (see below). These guys are tonight's painting project. Being multipart plastic they took a while to put together.

Renegade Elephant and Warlord Games Numidians: I'm not happy with the shields and may make them darker and more leathery but the figures actually paint up okay. The key I've found it to take a drill to the neck and drill it out for a better fit for the head. These are to represent the irregular foot (actually auxilia under DBA) but will replace them with Roman trained infantry once my Crusader order arrives. The elephant is Renegade and was purchased with a sample order I got from them earlier in the year. Not sure whether or not to add grass (Woodlands Scenics) to the bases as well as Silfour grasses, I might have to do an experiment.

Warlord Games Numidian Cavalry. I like the look of these guys. They need a general though and will be led by some Crusader miniatures Numidians.

So I only need a couple of bases worth to complete the army and then it is onto the Carthaginians.

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