Wednesday, July 7, 2010

FoW: 7th Armoured Cromwells

I've had these for a few years and they were used in our TAGCON D-Day game (2007) and also Cal won Warclouds (2008?) and was 2nd at NATCON (same year) with them.

I've far too many FoW forces which rarely get used. I've plenty of armoured forces such as these but I really enjoy using infantry forces more so they only come out in the odd multi-player type game (or if Cal wants a force for a comp- but he now has his own Cromwell horde he no longer borrows mine). I am thinking of selling them but, unlike Kent, I loath to sell figures in case one day I'll need them for a demo/scenario game.

Can't see these being used for a long, long time so I might look at parting with them on Trademe.
We'll have to wait and see.

The force is:
  • HQ (2x 75mm Cromwells, 1x close support)
  • 3x Recce Stuarts
  • 3x platoons (each of 3x cromwells and a firefly).

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