Friday, July 23, 2010

DBA & Terrain

I managed 2 games of Alans vs Sassanid Persians at TAG on Wednesday. Barry and I took turn about with each army, the result was 2-0 to the Alans and once victory to each of us- the Alans knights being the deciding factor in both games

Last night I headed up to Christchurch as I had a course today and a managed 4 games of DBA last night vs Ian (we decided DBA was going to be less hassle to set up than Impetus).

Alas the score was 3-1 to Ian but we had some very entertaining games, including one where he survived 6 attacks with the door closed which would have cost him the game! Grrr... When the dice hate you, they hate you! I was mainly using Picts, which I surprised myself by enjoying using, and Ian used Sub Roman Britons.

Anyway I took a couple of snaps of his figures & terrain. All his armies are based 40mm square and look good as does his scratch built terrain.

Sub Roman British spear.

The first game- Scots-Irish vs Sub Romans Britons.

The Scots-Irish "Do a Harold" and hang out on the hill.

Roman Villa

Pictish village

Very talented, pity he usually only games when he comes down to my place or I visit him!


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