Thursday, May 20, 2010

Warlord Games Romans

Tonight's work- my first two stands Imperial Romans (16 figures in total). Tomorrow nights task will be to finish off the bases and do another two stands. Two down, six more to go for my starter force for DBA.

The cavalry in the background are Wargames Factory and still need their shields finished- they were Tuesday nights task.

They look a bit shiny but I think that's just the flash- they have had a wash of GW's Devlan Mud but may get a black wash on their armour if it looks to shiny in natural light tomorrow.


  1. Very nice figures. I love the WG's Romans and Celts.

  2. They are very, very nice. I can't wait to have enough done to give my son a game!

    My aim is to have enough to do double big based DBA, Impetus or Warmaster Ancients (2000pts). In fact I am hoping to do a demo game at our upcoming TAGCON of a raid over Antonine's Wall (similar to that in Wargames illustrated #258)

    Of course I will need a lot more Celtic chariots :)