Sunday, May 23, 2010

DBA II/11 Gauls- Completed!

At last the Gauls are completed! Well, for now at least.
  • 2x Chariots
  • 2x Cavalry
  • 8x Warband
  • 1x Psiloi
  • 2x Warhounds/beasts

I love the Warlord Games Chariots! Truly beautiful miniatures.

The Warband.

The Beasts of War- for HoTT anyway. The warhounds are to be used as 2x elements of beasts in the HoTT version of the list.

The Cav/light horse- Wargames Factory figures.

An aerial view of the entire army.

I still need to add more warbands (at least another 8, probably 12, bases worth) and maybe a couple more chariots to be able to morph it into the Ancient British force for vs the Imperial Romans. I'll also add a few Germans at a later stage to be able to morph those out of it as well.

Now, to complete the Imperial Romans.


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