Friday, May 28, 2010

DBA: Ancient Britons vs Imperial Romans

Time to try the Romans.

Finn was keen for a game after school and chose the Romans. He decided to defend and set up the terrain as he wanted (we don't abide by the rules, I let him set it up as he likes- keep it simple with 8 year olds!).

I took a warband general as I am a bit short of chariots and Cavalry for anything else!

The two lines advance.

A bit blurry but you get the idea. 1 pip for the Britons, the Romans moved their infantry to align with the cavalry.

The Celts get ready to charge.

Getting closer.

The impetuous Finn charges. He sent his cavalry into the marsh to assist the blades who were fighting the Britons- but were in good going. He was confident he'd win and it proved correct. Actually, now I think of it he shouldn't have been able to move that far in bad going, oh well.

Let the carnage begin! I lost 2 elements and Finn one and there were a few recoils.

And it all goes horribly wrong! My general punched through a hole in the Roman battleline and cut down another element of blades. My Cavalry and chariots combined ot destroy another cavarey element but then...

With a blade flanked and attacking with supporting warbands (4 vs 4) I rolled a 1 and the Romans a 6 (result 10-5= 2 dead elements of warband). 4-3 to Finn!

Next time Finn, next time...

The game all up took about 30 minutes and by the end of the game Finn was at about the limit of his attention span so DBA is ideal to get him into wargaming without boring him silly.


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