Thursday, May 13, 2010


Managed another game of Lasalle vs Dave last night, my Polish infantry + lancers vs the Russians Grenadiers (supported by light Cav) A fun game and I think we are getting the hang of it, pretty bloody towards the end. Neither of our reserves arrived until about turn 10 & 11 so they didn't get invovled much (or at least mine didn't)

Nopt sure of the outcome- Dave was on Morale tests and I was just above them when we had to call it at turn 167. I had shattered a couple of French infantry and rolled up one flank but in the last turn 3 of my battalions on the other flank crumbled leaving me in a precarious position vs the Polish lancers. Game played fast and we both definitely enjoyed it, a couple more games to get things down pat and game will play even faster.

We have decided apart from a few fences that this is proably enough terrain for Lasalle, any more and manoeuvrings will be a problem.

From the Polish lines

The Russians advance

The Front lines close

And from the other flank.

The Russian assault goes in

How's that for crap dice rolling!

The French are slightly worse off- 2 disruptions to one.

On the other flank two assualts go in and shatter the Polish battalions.

The last turn- the infantry in the foreground managed to form square and miraculously destroyed the Polish lancers. The other battalion wasn't so lucky, failed to form square and was destroyed.

My instinct tells me that the Russians would not be able to recover from this as the rest of their forces were in no position to intervene. A close game the Poles on 11 lost points and morale checks vs 6 at the end of his turn for the Russians (and a couple more battalions about to go), but still the game was in the balance.


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