Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Southcon 2010 Report

I forgot to take my camera on day one and got too involved in the games to take a lot on day 2 but here are a few pictures from the comp.

The German army assembles

I painted it up a couple years ago as part of my Stalingrad themed army.

Cauldron vs British Rifles

British 3.7" AA- Range 40", At 13, what's not to like? Unless you are on the receiving end! My nebelwerfers ranged in about 4 times but missed each time, or the gun saved. My panzers ended up MGing them to death in the end!

Things are a bit dicey- Sherman moving back and forth and the portees had just zoomed on and popped a panzer IV- I got them next turn (they are hidden in the picture just above the destroyed panzer.

After 2 and a bit hours I'm finally able to launch an assault into the town.

Breakthrough vs Nick G- turn 5 my reserves arrive to try to take on the kiwis who have fallen back and dug in on the objectives.

Marder 1s vs Veteran (Kiwi) Shermans- the last sherman bailed the marders and the kiwi's assaulted to destroy them and give Nick a point.

French Foreign Legion (an early war French force morphed to mid war). These are the French pinned markers- they don't get pinned, they get drunk! HO model railway accessories apparently- it was a very nice painted army with some amazing vignettes, but alas with the way we were racing to get the game completed I forgot to take any more photos.

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