Thursday, June 17, 2010


Finally got round to a game of Impetus. Kent and I used the basic rules but the points from Extra Impetus 2 for the Ancient Britons and Early Imperial Romans.

Neither of us minded which side we went so Kent rolled and went Romans. Each army was just under 200pts:

  • 1x Cav
  • 3x legionnaires
  • 3x auxilia
  • 1x scorpion

Ancient Britons
  • 2x Chariots
  • 2x light cav
  • 8x warband
  • 2x javelins (skirmishers)
The Romans, outnumbered, wisely decided to defend.

If in doubt go up the middle- Warband on one flank. Cav and chariots on the other.

Here we come! The Romans pretty much stand and await developments.

Waiting for the flanking troops to catch up.

Kent begins to reposition his troops- slightly, after my cavalry imploded against them. Memo to self: light cavalry is called that for a reason!

Well, since plan A worked so well, time for plan B- charge with the general's chariot!

The battle lines are becoming disjointed but alas my impetuous warband can't finish off any Romans.

Kent sends in the Roman Cavalry to support the flank.

Death of the last chariot! Game, set and match.

Crushing victory to the Romans (I only managed to kill his artillery). Those Romans and their pilums are very hard! We'll get them next time though.

It was a fun game and only took about an hour and a half from start to finish, ran smoothly and was a lot of fun. My only issue now is convincing other TAG members to give it a try. I think that it will be the main rules we use for 28mm gaming.

The only issue now is to order my Chariots and Warlord Games Ancient Britons...

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