Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Selucids & Numidians

More 15mm armies, even though I am trying to stop 15mm and concentrate on 28mm!

  • 1x Cav Gen
  • 1x Cav
  • 1x LH
  • 2x Elephants
  • 4x Pike
  • 1x Aux
  • 2x Psiloi
I didn't have a pike army and this one seemed to have a nice balance to it and thought it would be more of a heavy hitter army for at the upcoming CHCH DBA comp. However, I'm not sure I like it though, I'm more of an auxilia or warband player so I'm not sure if it will get much use. But at least now I have a pike army for vs the guys at TAG.

A mix of ranges- the auxillia are Xyston (arrived and painted up yesterday), Libyan spear (to represent the imitation legionnaires-so count as blade), elephant and light horse are Old Glory, the Cav General is Corvus Belli. I've heard a lot of positive comments about the CB range but personally I don't like them and intend to use the larger Xyston figures whenever possible.

  • 1x Cav General
  • 4x LH
  • 1x Blade
  • 5x Auxilia
  • 1x Elephant

I still have to paint up a few elements of psiloi (just in case) but don't see me ever using 5-6 of them! This is more my kind of army, light, fluffy and annoying and definitely not a powerhouse by any stretch of the imagination- however it also has a lot of mobility between the light horse and the auxilia.

At present its a toss up between these guys and the Galatians for the CHCH comp- I also received some Galatians/Gauls from Xyston yesterday so they need to be finished as well.


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  1. thye look great you just can't help yourself can you