Friday, June 11, 2010

28mm Gripping Beast Vikings

I have painted 5 stands of viking this week (40 figures). I am now waiting for some Little Big Man Studio transfers to arrive so I can finish the shields.

This is half the force I will need, and once done means I'll only need some Normans to finish my 6x 1066 armies. I really like the way the vikings go together, they are great figures- nicely animated and proportioned. Each sprue has a few spare heads as well (which I'll use when it cmes time to making some bondi figures).

Once again they re a bit shiny under the flash and look much duller to the naked eye.

My plan is to start putting together 200pt Impetus forces (about the same number of stands as a regular DBA army) and run a few games with Kent.

Future Plans
On our way to Southcon Kent (Galpy's Paint Shack) and I were talking about doing a BIG 28mm demo game, problem is what period to do. Kent is keen for a Trojan wars theme but we haven't finalised it yet- an I'd be keen as it is a period I know nothing about. The plan would be to spend most of next year working towards it, builkding armies and tables etc and run it as a demo game at TAGCON and possible Conquest later in the year. We will see what eventuates but I'm keen for something.

In the meantime I'm hoping to run a game of Basic Impetus (Imperial Romans vs Ancient Britons) with Kent at TAG next week to see if he likes the rules and to see if we can drum up any interest in the rules with our DBA stalwarts.


  1. Looking real good these armies your build are going to be a real nice on the table

  2. I hope so! Are you still available for a game of Impetus at TAG on Wednesday? Ancient Britons vs Imperial Romans