Monday, October 29, 2012

LW Hungarians?

One of those half finished forces I've had lying round. I had a bit of a brainwave the other day while reviewing ideas for the Masters, why not Hungarians? I had a 7 stand platoon of infantry from my Southcon 2011 (MW Hungarian armour) force but if I was to run motorised infantry needed to paint a few more stands up

So last night I churned out: 12 infantry stands, 2x HMG stands and 4x command stands. Which I think is not a bad effort really. all painted and based in one evening.

Some highlights are still needed tonght but they are table ready.

Not sure I'll take it but this is what I am thinking of:

Hungarian Motorised Infantry (CV)         
            HQ + Shrek   50
9x        R/MG + P/F   195
9x        R/MG + P/K   190
2x        HMGs 70
3x        Hungarian Pak 40s   155
3x        Hungarian Panthers           550
3x        Zrinyi  225
2x        Nimrods         115
3x        Nebelwerfers (CT)   85
            Sporadic HS 129s    115

Of course I still need the Zrinyi's, Hungarian Pak 40s and Hungarian Nebelwerfers. Tonights job is to convert three panthers to make them Hungarian ones.



  1. Hmmm I too am running Hungarians at the Masters, but as a laugh going for an armoured force..... not sure if I will be laughing at the end of the weekend though.


  2. Any Zinyri's?

    Stormtoopering is for wossies!

    Still tying to sort out the best tank support options, as thinking of only 2 panthers but that might not be enough


    1. Nice looking army Craig, I always love seeing Hungarian armies.

      You have to have Zrinyi II's, not only do they look cool, they are also great with breakthrough gun!

      Having played a lot with Hungarians 2 Panthers can be enough but you do need to be careful.


    2. Thanks Ben, I've ordered the Zrinyi's and they will be added once I have them. 2 panthers would be used as heavily tank destroyers to snipe rather than engage head on, but I am leaning towards 3 of them as they will be more of a threat.

      I'm also pondering artillery options:
      3x trained nebelwerfers are very cheap (85 pts)
      105 artillery has smoke and not too badly priced for bog standard artillery (195 pts)
      The 149mm howitzers don't have smoke but are pretty cheap for AT 5/FP 2+