Monday, October 8, 2012

Bedecon Game 4

Dust Up (heavy snow) vs Reg's Finns.
Reg as running CV Finns (2x platoons, mortars, HMGs, 2x pak 40s & hero, 3x T34/85s, pioneers, 76mm artillery, air support, 6x trenches, 2x HMGs). He deployed on the hill and I was diagonally opsoite him with my small platoon, Zis 2s, 120mm mortars and SU 100s.

 Captured T34/85s wait for the Russian attack.

 My plans was simple wait for my reseves to sweep Reg off his hill- my sniper too out an HMG before being spotted and gunned down by the rest of the HMG platoon. The Vales drive forward and take out one of the paks, the other I pushed though the trees and it too is knocked out. once again my lack of recon comes back to bite me- Reg has 2 shreks and lots of infantry holding the objective and I just can't hit with my Vals often enough.
 My big motsrelk arrive sot elnd a hand luckily the Stukas fails to spot its target.
 Now we are ready to assault- but are running out of time. Reg is methodical palyers o turns take a while. with the clock ticking i am forced to throw the infantry forward once the HMGs have gone but are hit 12 times out of 15 dice and retreat!
 With time almost up on the clock the JS IIs charge the shreks, and kill one (one JS II is bailed charging in) and the rear turrent MG means most shrek dice miss and eventually Reg is forced to retreat. Then the Vals are thrown in. I now have a bubble over the objective and Reg is unable to unpin or destroy a platoon. So with seconds to spare I take the win. 
Reg is known to be a methodical player and Bede allowed us a bit of extra time (thanks Bede)  but even though I was flying through my turns to try to get a result it looked for a long time as though it was going to be another time out loss to both of us. It was touch and go and the lack of recon again hurt- recon + Vals would be a great combo! I was trying to do all I could to avoid a 1-1 loss but Reg managed to pass almost all morale checks for badly damaged platoons (his HMG commander for instance passed 3x sole survivor tests). In the end I threw both the JS 2 and Vals at the objective as it was literally my last chance to avoid another time out loss and despite the odds it paid off- I was very lucky to get more than 3 points out of that one.

A tough force to face and my second large infantry force in a fair fight mission- enough of the infantry Bede, surely there are some panzer IVs or stug companies somewhere to face! 

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