Thursday, October 25, 2012

FoW- LW Germans

I decided to do a roll call of my Late War Germans, I've a few other bits and pieces that took some damage in the move and need to be repaired but this is most of my collection. It includes 4x platoons of LW infantry as well as my Europe and Cassino Fallschrimjager (2 platoons of each + supports).

All except for 3x panzer IVs are Battlefront. The funny thing is of all the tanks the ones that most often get fielded are 4x Marder II & 4x panzer IVs or stugs. I can't remember the last time I actually ran an Armoured company.


  1. Very impressive display of strengh Craig. Excellent collection.

    1. It is distracting me from ACW though. Until the ACW order arrives though I am a little short of 28mm stuff to paint.

  2. Great roll call, great looking bunch! Dang it, one day I have to try FoW.

  3. That's a pretty serious amount of kit! I thought I was bad but you beat me hands down ;-)
    I noticed you had a pair of grilles there - any luck with them in games?

  4. Haven't used them under 3- they worked okay in V2 supporting armoured PGs (people tended to avoid buildings) but werfers were always much better value.

    Like the Bison last weekend proably much more sensible kit to run for similar points but the "mobile bathtub of doom" is a cute wee vehicle.

    Drop it to 150 pts and I'd take them every time but I think they are probably a wee bit dear for what they do