Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hungarian Pak 40s

Hee are some Hungarian pak 40s, same paks as my FJ use actuallly, simply magnets attached to the underside of the paks and hiddden in the bases. Works a treat and saves buying more pak 40s (I have far too many as it is)

Next up, some 149mm M14/31 howitzers. For 225 points you get veteran artillery: AT 8, RoF 1, Range 16" fire power 1+, bunker buster or firing as artillery: range 72", AT 5, 2+.  No smoke bombardment but potentially pretty damn effective if you ask me.



  1. Nice idea with the magnets. They look great too.

  2. Great idea with the magnets, I may have to steal that idea!

    Yeah the 149mm are just rude! You can always take mortars or nebs for cheap smoke.

  3. The magnets work well, those paks are used to give my FJ pak 40s, or to go in pak40 nests as well.

    I came up with this just before as I continued looking into tweaks for the list:

    Hungarian Motorised Infantry (CV)
    HQ, 2x Shrek 70
    9x R/MG + P/F 195
    7x R/MG +P/K 150
    3x Hungarian Pak 40 155
    3x Panzer IV/70 450
    3x Zyinri 225
    2x Nimrods 115
    4x 149 mm Artillery 225
    2x 81mm Mortars 65
    Sporadic Stuka 87Ds 100

    Could drop a panzershrek to upgrade the mortars to nebelwerfers but the extra 'shrek can add numbers to one of the platoons and I'm pretty light on infantry as it is. The 81mm mortars are there as a smoke template and cheap 8th platoon.


  4. Clever idea with the magnets, I would never have thought of that.