Sunday, September 2, 2012

Impetvs & TAGCON

This weekend as TAGCON. I helped out by running the canteen with Kent and Dale to make some money for TAG. The turn out was a bit disappointing compared to previous years, especially in 40k, but good support form Warmachine, DBA and also Dystopian Wars. I enjoyed not playing just hanging out and chatting to the gamers and rolling the odd dice today.

 Godzilla captured and imprisoned ona  Lost Island in Dystopian Wars. I really am trying to resit this one but it does look like a hell of a lot of fun. 

 Stephne helped me out on the cafeteria today and his Crusader army is still being based so he took Kent's Early Crusaders out for a spin vs my Seljuk army in a game of Impetvs.

 I had 2 commands, Kent had given Stephen only one, so I got to do a lot more manouvreing.
 The great unwashed Frankish mass assembles.
 My light troops (Daylami and skirmishers) head to the nearest rough going.

 Stephen keeps his knights on opportunity, waiting for the right moment to unleash hell.
 So I send forward some light horse to tempt them...
 And the knights take the bait. In the foreground the light troops are winning vs the foot sergeants and bows- it helps to keep rolling better dice than ones opponent.
 Alas a unit of Seljuk nobles strays too close the the Frankish knights.
 In the centre though the knights have been forced to attack piecemeal and are soundly defeated- the Frankish general is killed and then his army dismantled. A comprehensive Seljuk victory- I lost a single stand of Seljuk nobles and broke the crusaders.

Hopefully soon we will see Stephen's military order force in action.


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