Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bedecon Motostrelkovy

After much indecision I have finally settled on a list, though I need a few practice games to make sure it works the way I think it should.A Red Army (confident trained) motostrelkovy. So tonight I've painted up the SU 100s and finished off another three JS 2s I was working on the other night.

Red Army Motostrelkovy (CT)   
            HQ      35
15x      Motostrelkovy (SMG)           240
8x        Motostrelkovy (SMG)           130
9x        Razvedki- M3A1s- FT          205
3x        JS 2- 3x AAMG (FT-Guards)          420
4x        SU 100           310
4x        SU 76 150
4x        57mm AT       160
4x        120mm Mortars         95

I decided against the Spetnez purely so I can take the 120mm mortars as a template weapon. There is a reasonable chance of defending in a number of missions so I felt the mortars would give more tactical flexibility than the spetnez, and will target open topped vehicles and gun teams. However that being said, it still has plenty of infantry, including Razvedki, so I capable to grabbing objectives attacking too. As for the units selected, I’ve tried to select units I wanted to run on the table top first and foremost, hence the inclusion of the iconic SU 76 which is a great looking model that rarely sees time on the table, a pity really as over 14,000 of them were produced in real life. Their role will be to target gun teams (especially motorsied and mobile artillery) and lightly armoured tank hunters such as marders or hornisse that are a bane to the JS IIs and SU 100s. The SU 100s and JS IIs 2s give some long range punch vs panthers and other heavily armoured tanks and give me two units that opponents need to be mindful of and ignore at their own peril. Likewise the Zis 2s give a good option vs medium tanks and half tracks- good range, high rate of fire and reasonable AT so will be deployed to counter medium tanks and to protect the flanks of the heavy tanks, or on defence to protect the infantry. The infantry will lead the attack, supported by the tanks and SUs, as will the razedki, or they can dig in on an objective and hold on till reserves arrive. So overall the force has plenty of flexibility for a variety of situations so should do okay. Sounds good in theory, I need to get some practice games in.



  1. Looks good except for no recce ? One last thought,as the HQ is only 30 pts you could drop 1 AAMG from the IS-2s(as only 2 have them in the pic),and take a Kom or Obs team?But as you say should be fun to play.

  2. Good catch, that would be the result fo swapping between Ft/CT numbers on my spreadsheet.

    Will have to live without recce this time round and the observer is probably a good idea, though M3A1s for the Zis 2s could work too, eespecially if I add a 50 cal or two...