Friday, March 19, 2010

Hasty Assault- FJ vs Rangers

Sorry no pictures, just a brief report. Headed up to Christchurch and had a game vs Chris as we play test ideas of NATCON, he's taking a ranger company and one of my back up ideas is FJ.

He had 5x ranger platoons
1x 105mm artillery
1x canon platoon (75mm guns)
4.2" chemical mortars
limited air support

I took (at the last minute)
3x HQ stummelwerfers
2x FJ platoons
1x tiger
3x pak 38s
3x panzerwerfers
limited HS 129s

We played Hasty attack and I decided to attack- putting my werfers and 2x platoons on tablew (should have been the pak 38s!) and he ambushed with the 75mm guns destroying one 'werfer. Luckily the tiger then came on and chased off the halftracked canon platoon.

I advanced into a wall of fire (Chris can lay down up to 9 templates per turn!) and managed to capture one objective but my FJ was destroyed in the process (both our platoons broke) and on the other flank the tiger eventually go too close to a wood and a ranger bazooka charged out of it, hit with a side shot and then bailed and destroyed the tiger- that'll teach me for forgetting to storm trooper). About this time Chrsis went from defence to attack and counter attacked and destroyed my last FJ platoon to take the game. Our air fdorces were woeful- Chris manage to intercept 3-4 flights of HS 129s and I intercepted 2 of his. The 2 airstrikes of his that eventually arrived missed.

Ended up a 4-3 to Chris as I just didn't have the troops, and hadn't concentrated my forces enough) to deal with 5x ranger platoons- 3 arriving from reserve!

I think though I am getting a handle on the Hasty Assault mission- just not convince the defender getting the first turn + immediate ambush is the right way to play, the attacker simply deploys to negate/minimise the ambush and then start playing. I wonder if attacker going first + a limited ambush might be a better ay to do it.

Rota Razvedki update
Still unsure of which air support (if any) to take- I do like 9x T70s if I can squeeze them in so its either:

8x T70s and sporadic sturmoviks
8x T70s and limited corbras (more dice)
9x T70s and 120mm mortars

Decisions, decisions...

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