Tuesday, March 16, 2010

FoW Midwar Panzer Company

Panzer IIIs are my favourite German tanks midwar. They are solid but fragile and take care to sue efectively. For the game vs Poochie this week I thought I'd try a panzer company out of the new East Front book. The panzer IIIs got a bit close to a spray can of undercoat a a year or so ago so the past couple of nights have repainted them so I can use them this week. I typically use panzer III late Js but Cal used these panzer IIILs supported by stugs to good effect at a couple of comps so though they'd make a solid base for a Kursk or Salerno era force.

Not sure on the final supports for them, its either:
a full armoured PG platoon, the 3x wespes of 3x Mk III flamepanzers. The heavier AT support is provided by 3x Panzer IVGs.

This is what I think I'll run vs Poochie.
1x MK IIIN & 1x Mk IIIL 225
4x MK III Ls 460
3x MKIV Gs 435
3x Wespes 270

1x Observer panzer III 5
2x 231 ACs 85
4x Shutzen 20


Wespe Battery

Well, I've been neglecting 28mm in the past couple of weeks or so but hope to get working on some Spanish Scuttari tonight as I start my Carthaginian army.



  1. Looks good Craig.

    Flicking through, I had noticed the mixed PzIIIs and StuG option is a thing of the past, which is a shame for the Panzerkompanie but good for Tankovy!

    I think you've done a good job of mixing in some heavier AT here and it's good to see Wespes in a FOW list.


  2. Ah, didn't realise that. I prefer panzer IV support, but that will definitely change Cal's force (or mine as he usually uses my models!)

    The panzer lists seem to have changed quite a bit in the new format.

    For 270 pts is a toss up between:
    3x flamepanzers
    Armoured aufklarung

    All useful additions

    I usually use DAK or East front 2 companies built around III late Js and possibly a few IV F1s or F2s as support- but I think this force would be fun to play