Saturday, March 27, 2010

FoW Tactics- Defence in Depth

Flamethrowers are one of this strange weapon systems in FoW (along with Goliaths) that can be a pain to face- my solution is to deploy in defence in depth- his is often also a good idea vs large infantry forces as well. The key is to have a picket line and have the rest of your force close enough that they aren't drawn into the initial round of the assault (and thereby destroyed if your opponent rolls well) but that they are close enough that you get maximum number of teams in your counter attack to gut the enemy platoon.

Here is a standard defence in depth vs F/T (or anything else for that matter)- let’s assume a 7 stand grenadier platoon.

In this photos the Soviets are attacking from the left. The AT gun HQ and 2iC are probably a bit close- you want them about 3" behind the picket so that if the picket are engaged they could die but the 2iC and AT gun commanders are close enough to become involved in the combat in a counter attack but not targetted as they are not going to be within 2" of actual assault on the first contact. also by having the 2 pickets about 5" apart the flamethrower can not move between them (they both exert of 2" zone of control).

Now even if the 2x pickets are roasted the 2iC and/or AT gun commander will be dragged into the combat and the 3x pak 38s able to fire at full rate of fire (assuming they are not pinned).

Now if you do this defence with 2x interlocked platoons it becomes even harder to crack as one picket will be from each platoon and the flamethrower must target one or other platoons so you only risk losing one team but having a lot more defensive fire capabilities.

Again the 2iC and AT gun commander are a bit close to the pickets in the photo but you get the idea.


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