Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FoW- Hasty Attack: Take 2

Dale and I managed a game tonight. His aufklarung is no longer a legal force in East Front so we simply eyeballed the costs and ran it as per normal.

He fielded


1x armoured aufklarung

2x SDKFZ 231s

2x armoured mortars (250/8s)

2x 37mm AA

3x nebelwerfers

2x panthers

Limited HS 129s

I'm sure I'm missing something as he had 7 platoons.

I dropped the SU 85s and a T70 for 4x sU 122s as I wanted to see how they’d fare. Again we tried Hasty Attack and Dale won the die roll and so got to attack.

It really was a see saw battle- I ambushed with T70s as I knew they’d be next to hopeless (he stayed well away from any ambush sites) but wanted to be able to zip round and put him under pressure. Alas the table was a snow one so it was bogging checks to move (and no double moving but otherwise normal cross country movement if you didn't bog) whenever we moved off road- which was a lot!

As normal it was a see saw game, my Cobras missed spotting the panthers early on and managed to drive off a flight of HS 129s. The T70 started annoying Dale so he sent the panthers after them and things came to a head when Dale finally go his air support to arrive and killed one T70 with a panther and another 2 with the HS 129s, bailing a 3rd. 2 more T70s were assaulted and destroyed by the aufklaung and the survivors broke and fled (aargh, it was turn 5 and one more turn Dale’s objective which I was going for was going to be mine!). However, this meant a lone SU122 managed a long range side shot on a panther and killed it!

The second panther then drove along a forest track to support the infantry but an SU 122 drove in and managed a sneaky side shot (again needing a 5 to hit) and destroyed it.

Dale’s infantry then charged in and killed 3 SU 122s but by now they were getting worn down, as were my infantry and they eventually failed a motivation test. Lots of laughs and a lot more action then this brief report suggests and it really could have gone either way. The 50 cals managed to destroy a couple of half tracks- being able to fire and move is so liberating to a Soviet player! However Dale only getting 1x flight of planes all game helped, as did my hit rolls (and his saves) vs the panthers.

Turn 1- The T70s deploy (and thats about it apart from the airstrike that wasn't).

From another angle

Here they come

One of many unsuccessful airstrikes by the Red Airforce.

T70s make a dash for Dale's undefended objective -but the panthers decide enough is enough!

One plucky T70 managed a side shot (and missed)- they are destroyed in Dale's next turn!

Dale lines the T70s up for the kill.

But the SU 122s reply puts us back in the game!

And there goes another one! The SUs gun mantlet was behind the front arc, honest!

Do or die- the final assault goes in. The Soviet survivors pulled back at this point and MGed the pesky German infantry off the board next turn to win the game.

So that's 2 from 2. I do prefer the SU 122s to the 85s, but they do have to be used carefully to be able to get into range- on open tables they won't last long!


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